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Delicacy above and beyond the call of duty… August 2, 2016

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…the issue itself is hardly significant. But the manner in which the media are making a meal of it is intriguing… all ‘a politician’ this and ‘a politician’.


1. Tomboktu - August 2, 2016

Not named, so it’s not Clare Daly, then?

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WorldbyStorm - August 2, 2016

Cynical souls like ourselves might well come to that conclusion.


2. sonofstan - August 2, 2016

From hints elsewhere, I guessing the media might be doing the anonymity thing because actually the guy is relatively unknown and saying ‘politician’ makes the story more interesting. Plus he’s not Clare or Mick W.

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3. makedoanmend - August 2, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn blowing off steam in foreign climes from all the stress… It’s gotta be Jeremy Corbyn … everytime, everywhere … wait…but there is a new bogeyspectre to the right … the Donald… did he mistake Fermoy for Aberdeen? … all those “celtic” nations look alike … no wait … its Vlad Putin … out for the blood of our young … no wait … a certain Adams? … oh let it be Adams …

So many bogeys …

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4. dublinstreams - August 2, 2016

and he is not a politician, he is a former politician


CMK - August 2, 2016

Is he someone who no longer holds an elected position having lost it perhaps on 26 February? I would say any Left or SF figure who managed to get arrested three times for drunk driving and assaulting a Garda over the course of one weekend, would not get the kid gloves from the media…..


fergal - August 2, 2016

Cmk- too true- Clare Daly, Mick Wallace, Martin Ferris. However, every cloud has a silver lining. How about anonymous crime reporting? A blocklayer was arrested today for speeding, a shop assistant was fined for breaking a court order, a office clerk has been accused of illegally downloading films etc etc- the class nature of it all would become very clear, wouldn’t it?


CMK - August 2, 2016

That’s a good point, fergal. It is amazing how the media can maintain such discipline in a case like this and yet every minor court case they have no problem naming the ‘accused’.


irishelectionliterature - August 2, 2016

I really do think it’s a case of ‘a politician’ being used rather than the individual concerned as the vast majority of the population would be asking “Whose he?”

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5. dublinstreams - August 3, 2016

he’s definitly currently a former politiain after the party he ran for in the general election removed his profile from their website :/


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