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Jobs in Ireland in a time of Brexit August 2, 2016

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Not looking good. Not looking good at all. Even factoring in the usual complaints from IBEC – and the calls for aid from government, it seems reasonable to suggest that the current crisis is one that is beginning to impact very negatively on both Irish and British workers.

A survey by Ibec of over 450 Irish businesses highlights the intense currency strain on exporters following the UK vote, with almost half of respondents (45%) identifying the sharp fall in the value of sterling as the main threat.

Cheaper UK imports was cited as the biggest risk by one third of respondents (33%), while just one in ten (9%) of businesses have Brexit contingency plans already in place.

Small wonder that administrations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are so alarmed. Telling that the ‘national’ administration that has charge of ‘England’ as well as the broader UK is less so.

And let’s not forget that Brexit itself will be used by those like IBEC to further worsen the situation and conditions of workers on this island. After all, as part of the ‘package’ they seek is the following:

…an ongoing focus on cost competitiveness in areas such as labour costs and the minimum wage;





1. deiseach - August 2, 2016

It’s good to see Ibec come around to the idea that government intervention can a good thing for private enterprise. Nurse, the meds are wearing off!


WorldbyStorm - August 2, 2016



2. oldpoet56 - August 2, 2016

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