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Catastrophic August 3, 2016

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Those who have allowed the Labour Party in Britain to be convulsed across the last number of months should be forced to read this, from UK Polling Report and the results of – caveat enshrouded – polling on the outcomes of a split in that party. 

Those who have set themselves in such stark opposition to the leadership of the BLP really don’t seem to have any sense of what their actions could set in motion. Dismal.


1. sonofstan - August 3, 2016

Over identification with the tories killed the liberals as a party of government. Blair and his ilk, by different means, seem to have done what Lloyd George did ….

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2. oldpoet56 - August 3, 2016
3. benmadigan - August 4, 2016

the british labour parliamentary party (Blairite) is holding the line for the monarchy


4. irishelectionliterature - August 4, 2016

First Past the Post is what would really kill them, allied to that in the event of a split there would be large elements on either side whose sole focus would be to do better than the other side of the split. So the other side of the split rather than the Tories, UKIP, Liberals etc are seen as the real enemy.


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