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State support for parties August 4, 2016

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Speaking of the Phoenix… interesting snippet in it as regards the funding of RENUA. While the party has no national representation it is still receiving ‘€250,000 a year’. We’re about to see whether money alone (and a smattering of councillors) can resurrect this particular political project.


1. irishelectionliterature - August 4, 2016

I wonder can that money be used to repay debts/loans that may have been given to the party by prominent members during the campaign?


2. dublinstreams - August 4, 2016

well Leahy in thephoenix justifies a small government party taking such monies by saying they have loans to pay off, couldn’t do it directly but certainly helps them.


3. Dermot O Connor - August 4, 2016

Well, first chunk will go to pay off Ganley.


RENUA, what a stupid name. I wonder if they’d picked something with more direct positive name recognition, like ‘Democractic Party’ or ‘Liberal Party’, would they have done better? Couldn’t have done much worse in any case.

Sean O Rourke burst out laughing on his show when someone said RENUA was like a brand of soap sold to old women to rejuvenate their skin.


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