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Deadly serious? Or not? August 5, 2016

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I know I asked this a few weeks back, but isn’t there something deeply weird about the Trump campaign. Take this, from a report in the Irish Times?

Trump shows little sign of having a general election strategy. His campaign has booked almost no television advertising for the autumn, even as the Clinton campaign has reserved roughly $100 million (€90 million). His field organisation is thin and his travel schedule has seemed idiosyncratic. This week, for example, he scheduled a rally in upstate New York – a state that has not gone Republican since 1984 and where Clinton enjoys a 12-point lead in the latest poll. The event was ultimately cancelled.



1. Joe O'Donnell - August 5, 2016

One of the more curious things I’d take from that snippet is that Clinton is “only” 12 points ahead in New York. That’s a state that went to Obama by a margin of 2:1 in the last 2 elections, and where HRC actually served as a senator for 8 years. Peculiar.


2. Phil F - August 6, 2016
3. The shade of CH - August 6, 2016

More interesting, it’s all bollox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJy8vTu66tE


4. gendjinn - August 6, 2016

“An ego trip that stumbled into victory.” was how someone here put it.

The shambles fits with that. The RNC acceptance speech persona and playbook could have been effective against Clinton but he doesn’t seem able to stick to any kind of plan. Or resist any goading.

Next week Trump has to testify in the Trump University fraud case.

If step 1 of the master plan is to lull Clinton into a sense of security, then success.


5. sonofstan - August 6, 2016

I picked up a new concept during in the week, used to describe the building blocks of Trumpism; the zombie lie. It’s a lie thT has been comprehensively, decisively shown to be an untruth, and yet people continue to believe it, and you can’t kill it with any of the normal weapons of debate.

Examples abound; Obama is a Muslim, you can build a wall along the Mexican border, WMDs, etc. they walked among us during the referendum here as well.


6. oconnorlysaght - August 6, 2016

The zombie lie is the natural result of the accumulation of years of less obvious lying by those who should know better. Examples: Socialism was ‘actually achieved’ in eastern Europe; Monica Lewinsky did not pleasure Bill C.; Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction, and, underneath all that, the market will solve all our problems. This was shown very well in the brexit referendum, when the establishment trundled out its people to tell what was generally the truth only to find that such people’s record itself tended to tarnish their message. An example of the reaction to this, albeit in the case of one man, is to be found in Mein Kampf, where Hitler insists that the fact that the Frankfurter Zeitung had exposed the fraudulence of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was itself proof of those protocols’ genuineness. Similarly, why should not Farago or Trump be as likely to be telling the truth as Gideon or Obama?
It is necessary to combat this, because it is not just Cameron and HRC in the liars’ sites but ourselves. For now, all we can do is follow Marx and question everything and, particularly, give truthful answers, even where they clash with our own preconceived assumptions. However unlikely it seems now, honesty is the best policy. Used properly, it can be a very effective weapon.


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