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Fruit and Vegetables in a time of Brexit August 5, 2016

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Well, this caught my attention. Who would have thought immigrants might be crucial to the health of a significant sector of the UK economy? Er… You and me, most likely. But here’s yet more unintended consequence of the referendum vote…

British fruit and vegetables would all but vanish from shops if Brexit means the foreign workers who pick virtually all the home-grown produce are no longer able to come to the UK, according to some of the country’s biggest producers.

They warn that the nation’s food security would be damaged and that produce in UK shops would become more expensive if the freedom of movement for EU workers came to an end. They are urging ministers to set up a new permit scheme for seasonal workers.

But you may ask where are the battalions of English ready to take up this challenge? According to one producer of salads and vegetables.

“No British person wants a seasonal job working in the fields. They want permanent jobs or jobs that are not quite as taxing physically.”


1. dublinstreams - August 5, 2016

so the outcome for this will probably a continued importation of foreign workers for farm picking under a new scheme with even less rights?, when it should be about improvement of pay and conditions for all who might work picking.

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2. Jim Monaghan - August 5, 2016

Cheap labour with no rights.
Indeed a points system for the highly skilled would be legalised theft of expensively trained high skilled labour. Indeed Ireland should pay compensation to say the Philippines for all the nurses they trained at huge expense.

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