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Poll projections August 5, 2016

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Mentioned the last RedC/Paddy Power poll during the week. Same old same old in some ways – but here’s Adrian Kavanagh’s projections on foot of it (second paragraph down). 

Not looking healthy for the Labour Party. Nope. Not at all.


1. irishelectionliterature - August 5, 2016

Not good reading at all for Labour. Brendan Ryan, Brendan Howlin , Joan Burton and Sean Sherlock would be good shouts to hold on (thats assuming Burton would run again). Kelly, Penrose and Jan O’Sullivan must be in danger (Will Penrose or O’Sullivan run again?) .O’Riordan, Nash, Humphreys possible gains but a really good day for Labour would have them holding the number of seats that they have.
It was interesting that they appointed a number of former TDs as Spokespeople Joanna Tuffy, Joe Costello, Ciaran Lynch, Kathleen Lynch, Michael McNamara, Emmet Stagg and Alex White. …. rather than any Councillors.
I don’t think they realise that nobody will listen to them for a number of years especially when you have other ‘Left’ parties there without the baggage of Labours spell in government.
If FF continue to stay in the centre that will also stimy any possible Labour recovery.


2. Jim Monaghan - August 5, 2016

Labour might hold on and see SF repeat it’s mistake of going into coalition. Or indeed go into coalition with SF and either FF or FG. All in the national interest of course.
Though it is depressing how FF and FG together are doing so well. Add in the FF, FG and Me Fein independents and we have little progress.
Sure maybe Halligan’s brothels will eliminate unemployment. Seeing as he has a role in apprenticeship, I wonder.


3. sonofstan - August 5, 2016

‘Irish Labour Party: Too Small to Split’


Jim Monaghan - August 5, 2016

Look at the far left. Indeed the AAA/PbP barely functions as an entity. Alas.


Tawdy - August 5, 2016

Jim Monaghan
Please elaborate on that very sparse comment. I`m really curious as to what you really mean.


4. PaddyM - August 5, 2016

How the mighty have fallen:

Irish Times, April 22 2015

The Labour Party is set to move its headquarters from a convenient but old-fashioned Georgian house on Ely Place, off St Stephen’s Green, to a stunning penthouse overlooking the river Liffey in the south Dublin docklands.

With a general election due within a year, the party has taken a sub-lease of the top floor of the Bloodstone building at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay which has been occupied up to now by LogMeIn, an American company that provides remote access to any PC.

It already occupies about 1,207sq m (13,000sq ft) on the first floor and as the penthouse is “surplus to their requirements just now” it has agreed to sub-let it to Labour for at least two-and-a-half years.

Labour’s decision to move to the docklands follows its sale of 17 Ely Place for around €800,000 to the Sligo-based McHale Farm Machinery who bought the adjoining former Hume Street Hospital in 2012 for a knockdown price of just over €3 million – one-tenth of what it made six years earlier.

Finest in Silicon Docks

The eight-storey Bloodstone building, widely regarded as one of the finest in Silicon Docks, was developed during the property boom by Seán Dunne who, incidentally, is appealing the High Court’s refusal to set aside his Irish bankruptcy. In the meantime, the Bloodstone block has been acquired as part of a larger portfolio by the US-based private-equity firm Blackstone.

Labour will be paying a rent of €212,625 per annum for its lavish new accommodation – equating to €484 per sq m (€45 per sq ft) for the 438sq m (4,725sq ft) of floor space. A further fee of €3,500 will be paid for the use of one car-parking space in the basement.

A spokesman for Labour said they had outgrown Ely Place to such an extent that even the largest rooms were not large enough to accommodate meetings.

Michael Healy of Savills, who handled the letting, said that most of the remaining space in the Bloodstone building was occupied by high tech American companies.

Should Labour require more space then letting agents Lisney will be able to offer them the entire second floor at a rent of €49.50 per sq ft.

Irish Independent, August 2 2016

The Labour Party has been forced to break the lease on its quayside city-centre headquarters as it relocates to a two-room basement office on Dublin’s southside.

The party is understood to have incurred a five-figure bill after successfully negotiating the termination of its tenancy.

Labour moved its headquarters to the Bloodstone building at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay last year as it geared up for the General Election.

The move to the penthouse offices, which overlook the river Liffey, came following the sale of its former headquarters at Ely Quay for €800,000.

But following the party’s disastrous election result, which saw it reduced to seven TDs, Labour was unable to afford the high rent. The party’s national executive decided to relocate the party to a two-room office in a basement on Hume Street. The move took place last week.

Like other parties, Labour has had to introduce other cuts, including letting go some of its headquarters staff.


irishelectionliterature - August 5, 2016

The initial move out of Ely place was a massive indication that they didn’t see the election result coming ….. despite most neutral (and not so neutral) observers knowing that they were going to get a hammering!


PaddyM - August 5, 2016

The best bit, really, is that should have been obvious by April 2015 just what was coming down the line. By that stage, they were left with fewer councillors than they had Oireachtas members.

But instead they decided to leave themselves homeless by selling up Ely Place (at a sizeable loss) and burden themselves with an extravagant signature office at an extravagant signature rental.

Now they’re in two rooms in a basement. Next stop will be someone’s back bedroom in Ranelagh.


WorldbyStorm - August 5, 2016

It’s absolutely incredible how blind they were to this. But from personal experience talking to people involved there was massive denial at various levels – including those working in their head office as regards the future. I’m still unable to understand why – as both you and IEL note the signs were all too evident. Somehow they completely bought into the idea a grateful electorate would reward their efforts…


Dermot O Connor - August 5, 2016

Perfection of planned layout is achieved only by institutions on the point of collapse…
….Perfection of planning is a symptom of decay. During a period of exciting discovery or progress, there is no time to plan the perfect headquarters.

C. Northcote Parkinson


5. fergal - August 5, 2016

Where do labour go from here? Oblivion. The Socdems and greens will be the middle class’s left choice- why bother with labour- likewise certain indos- Maybe they should just fold and join fine gael or the socdems.


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