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Earth/Moon August 6, 2016

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This image of the Moon passing in front of the Earth is rightly iconic. It was taken by the Deep Space Climate Observatory which orbits at L1, the Lagrange point. The function of DSCOVR is Earth observation and space weather and one has to admit it fulfils that first admirably. It offers images of Earth every couple of hours allowing for them to be knit together into animations that are oddly hypnotic.

But the back story is fascinating. Planned in the 1990s, in no small part as a very visual contribution to space sciences – by offering frequent images of the Earth, it was put into storage in the early 2000s and only reconfigured in the late 2000s. Launched in 2015 it has been in operation for a little over a year.

The Earth/Moon image is fascinating, but no less so are the photographs of Earth itself (see the wiki page). There’s more here on the NOAA website including imagery of an eclipse. And here’s the NASA page. 


Speaking of the moon, anyone spent any time in Australia or South of the equator. The moon is, of course, upside down in regards to how it appears in the sky there. Did that look odd? 


1. gendjinn - August 7, 2016

Someone better tell admiral Akbar that it’s a trap.


WorldbyStorm - August 7, 2016



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