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Hearing loss last week, flossing this week. August 6, 2016

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What you going to do? 



1. sonofstan - August 6, 2016

‘What you going to do?’

Floss between the ears?


2. Alibaba - August 6, 2016

‘What you going to do?’

Mental flossing. I think somebody suggested this years ago; but I like the idea very much.


Alibaba - August 6, 2016

Mental flossing is what keeps me coming back here, even though it suggests getting rid of the dross. I like the notion of refreshing. I never do the ‘like’ on this site, but I do appreciate reading other points of view.

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sonofstan - August 7, 2016

Mental flossing….or Flossophy. (sorry)

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Tomboktu - August 7, 2016

If we were the Journal, that’d be in line for Comment of the week.


3. Torheit - August 8, 2016

I’m continuing to floss – hoking out lumps of evil smelling food from foodtraps has to be good for you.

But those water jets sound like a less invasive alternative.


4. Torheit - August 8, 2016

Just clicked on a Dutch advert -for your revenues, kind sirs.

Now to dispose of this browser instance….


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