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The Finnish Defence Forces in World War II August 6, 2016

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I had no idea they used the swastika on their tank corps and air force from 1918 to 1945. Which seems like an odd design choice given that after the Winter War that not merely had they had an alliance of sorts with the Nazi’s against the Soviets but that was then capped by a war in alliance with the Soviets against the Nazi’s, all in the space of four years. 



1. rockroots - August 6, 2016

Still used by the Finnish air force, according to wikipedia. A very odd coincidence that it was both an ancient symbol of luck for newly-independent Finland and something adopted by German mystics and ultra-nationalists at around the same time.


2. gendjinn - August 6, 2016

All of the eastern European countries that fought with the Germans against the Soviets were forced to ally with the Soviets and fight the Germans as the Soviets moved west.


3. Jim Monaghan - August 7, 2016

It seems to have been all over the place. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika


4. Ramzi Nohra - August 7, 2016

Three Finnish Jews were awarded the Iron Cross for their contributions in the Winter war (none accepted them). More info here:


5. Dermot O Connor - August 7, 2016

They were put on lampposts in Glendale in the early 20s. Every few months some pinhead notices them and starts bleating about Illuminati space lizards.


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