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Reactionary. Very. August 15, 2016

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It was telling to me reading about the anti-feminist comments of Tory MP Philip Davies to dig a very little deeper and to realise that it was all of a piece with an utterly reactionary view of the world. The proximate cause of the attention given to him was a speech he gave to the J4MB (Justice for Men and Boys) party – and the oddity of his addressing another political party’s conference appears to largely have escaped him. What he said was:

“In this day and age the feminist zealots really do want women to have their cake and eat it,” he told the conference. “They fight for their version of equality on all the things that suit women – but are very quick to point out that women need special protections and treatment on other things.”

And more.

J4MB is a curious outfit itself. As the Guardian notes:

[it] is led and was founded by Mike Buchanan, a former business consultant who retired at 52 and launched campaigns such as the Anti-Feminism League and the Campaign for Merit in Business, which actively fights against initiatives to improve gender diversity in the boardroom.


J4MB issues awards for “lying feminist of the month”, “toxic feminist of the month” and “whiny feminist of the month”, and promotes inflammatory articles on its website including a piece titled 13 reasons women lie about being raped.

And then there’s this:

The party pushes for a greater number of male teachers in schools because they claim female teachers habitually award lower grades to boys than to girls.

For more on that phenomenon of girls on occasion achieving better grades – which obviously is different to being given better grades – one can look here. As an aside, got to say, my own experience with teaching alone would suggest that teachers are just happy (male or female) to be able to give out good marks to students of whatever gender.

What’s fascinating is that all the rhetoric of ‘versions of equality’ boils down to this:

Its 80-page 2015 election manifesto suggested women should stop being appointed as senior company directors, that the Equality Act 2010 should be scrapped and that men should claim their pensions before women because they work harder and die younger.

It doesn’t look so great for J4MB to be complaining about inequality while actively seeking to compound it.

Anyhow, this is but a small part of the wonderful world of Davies reaction. The wiki page on him is – ahem – illuminating in that regard. There’s not an issue extant where he doesn’t strike a reactionary or very reactionary stance.


1. ivorthorne - August 15, 2016

” suggested women should stop being appointed as senior company directors”.

I could be wrong, but a quick CTRL-F of the manifesto suggests that this is a little inaccurate and what they’re against is gender quotas or the threat of gender quotas. They also seem to be against things like promoting engineering to women on what seems to be the basis that if you decide to increase the proportion of women entering the profession, you are deliberately adopting a policy of decreasing the number of men who would enter.

They’re against what they call “ideologically-driven social engineering exercises”. I think that many people would say that they’re against that kind of thing but what they often seem to overlook is that society is already a series of ideologically-driven social engineering exercises. There’s nothing “pure” or “natural” about the current social order.

J4MB seem more like an internet comments section than an actual political party.


WorldbyStorm - August 15, 2016

I think you might be right IT. It struck me that they’re unlikely to be be against that as such. Completely agree re current order.


2. deiseach - August 15, 2016

You can be certain that Philip Davies, had he been prominent 30 – 20? Even 10? – years ago would have been quite strident in his belief that all Irish people who had not bought into the supremacy of Unionism as a philosophy were terrorists.

Perversely the sight of Philip Davies had me looking askance at the plank in my/our eye. I recently ceased posting on a forum (sports related, but with a general thread) and one of the reasons was the sight of a group of lads, all from the North and now living in the US, pouring scorn on all minorities in general and the Black Lives Matters movement in particular. I would have thought that Irish people would be less inclined to engage in knee-jerk defences of a law and order they-just-don’t-want-to-work agenda. Obviously not.

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3. Phil - August 15, 2016

To be scrupulously fair, more men in teaching would be a good idea – but not so that they can discriminate in favour of boys.


WorldbyStorm - August 15, 2016

Yes, I’d agree there.


4. makedoanmend - August 15, 2016

What fracking century are we in?

Genetalia as a means of discriminating in job selection, etc.?

I feel like we’re watching a film that is reversing in increasing speed every day that passes.

The Inquisition should be starting any day now.

Do you have your neoliberal credentials in order? Prove it.


sonofstan - August 16, 2016

“I feel like we’re watching a film that is reversing in increasing speed every day that passes.”


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5. Ivorthorne - August 20, 2016

So there’s an Irish Men’s Rights political entity:



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