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Imported anti-Islamists… August 16, 2016

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Someone put it to me like this, ‘bloody foreigners, come here stealing our racism’. Still, this crew are curious. The self-styled Soldiers of Odin. Formed in Finland (natch – given the Odin reference) last year they’ve moved quickly. Their goal is about as noxious as one can get.

They claim their aim is to prevent street crimes committed by Muslims, despite security sources saying they have encountered no such problems.

Though unsurprisingly scratch the surface and they’re even more noxious.

Islam is not the group’s only target. The Irish chapter recently posted a picture of US president Barack Obama and asked their supporters to describe him in one word. ‘Chimpanzee’, ‘subhuman’ and ‘negro’ were among the responses.

And there’s something bathetic in the following, and yeah I mean bathetic.

A spokesman for the group told the Sunday World earlier this month that they hadn’t come across any Muslims committing crimes and went on to say they hadn’t even met one Muslim so far.

Someone I know unrelated to left politics saw a couple of them up on the north side of the city and was sufficiently curious to look them up online and didn’t like what they saw.

This is class.

Sources in Carlow say Obadia and pals have been spotted on patrol in the area – along with several other towns around the country.
One Carlow witness said: “Their street patrol the day I saw them involved coming out of post office, walking up Tullow Street as far as Hadden’s or Shaw’s and coming back down. I call that walking up and down Tullow Street, but what would I know.”


1. damonmatthewwise - August 16, 2016

LOL – Perfect way to claim success: set up a Vigilante group against something that doesn’t exist, blame someone which isn’t doing what they claim, march around making claims, and acting the ejit, and instant success. There are no reported incidents! It used to be “We came because “We heard about the Harp” – now the vikings want to come about our muslims … hmmm strange. Why Odin, surely these type of changelings are on a Loki like prank, not ?!?


2. damonmatthewwise - August 16, 2016

“The farce is with then Admiral Aqbar!”
Carlow Is Lamb Ic Come-Unity will take note of these Odd-ones!


3. Michael Carley - August 16, 2016

Tangentially related, “Jihadis don’t walk”:

The crap or just plain unlucky ones are all dead, and the ones that are still operating are the battle-hardened remains of tough bunch – not an idiot among them, at least in a military sense. Those selected for Jihadist deployment to the West are ISIS’s top operatives and their most valuable assets. They are the Chosen Few, their Dirty Dozen, their SAS, their Navy SEAL, their Spetznaz, their Typhoon Fighter Jets, Their B52 and their ICBMs.

And that’s why they won’t make them walk to fucking England from Syria. With billions of dollars in oil revenue, some of the world’s leading IT guys on their books, and a logistical set up to at least match any Middle Eastern military, they have at their disposal more options than just a size 9 flip-flop to get their men into France, the UK, Denmark or wherever they decide to deploy.



Gewerkschaftler - August 16, 2016


Which is not to say that they don’t try to recruit among refugees who are vulnerable after the fact. Sometimes with success.


4. Joe - August 16, 2016

“I call that walking up and down Tullow Street, but what would I know.”

Great line!

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5. Gewerkschaftler - August 16, 2016

Good to hear a bit of dry Carlow understatement.

The NSDAP did this vigilante group tactic and were laughed at. Until 1933 when the vigilante groups got priority over the police.


Michael Carley - August 16, 2016

Apropos of which, worth listening to this on Poland’s moves towards setting up a kind of Territorial Army, which might be used to protect `Christian’ Poland against `terrorism’.



Gewerkschaftler - August 16, 2016

Yes – the PISers have not only shut down the independent judiciary but are trying to sideline the military to an extent by the militias.

A significant number of them are recruited from right wing gun clubs etc.


Gewerkschaftler - August 16, 2016

On Poland it’s worth reading <a href="http://www.eurozine.com/articles/2016-07-25-marczewski-en.html"Pawel Marczewski at Eurozine here.

In the light of these findings one has to discard worn-out explanations that declare the recent PiS electoral victory to be rooted in the undemocratic legacy of the communist regime and seriously take into consideration the fact that more than 60 per cent of voters in the age group 19-29 voted for right-wing and extreme right-wing parties. The oldest among these voters were born in 1986 and grew up after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Their parents and older siblings have first-hand experience of living under an undemocratic regime, but they don’t. Theirs is the burning feeling of being unrepresented politically and marginalized economically.


6. FergusD - August 16, 2016

“Soldiers of Odin” from Finland? Some mistkae surely? The Finns aren’t the same ethnic/linguistic group as the Scandinavians (Swedes, Norwegian, Danish), they are similar to Estonians and Hungarians and have different gods:


Far right can’t even get their mythology right!!

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7. Aonrud ⚘ - August 16, 2016

Their Wikipedia page mentions, “[t]heir stated purpose is to protect people, especially women, from criminal immigrants”. The paternalist bit is unsurprising, I suppose.

Funny how much society has progressed away from worrying that outsiders will come for ‘your women’ like in all the old folk songs.


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