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Reverse Greenland? August 16, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Interesting to see the ‘Reverse Greenland’ option being lauded by Nicola Sturgeon. That is:

Denmark-based academic Ulrik Pram Gad has suggested the UK could seek inspiration from Greenland, which withdrew from the EEC in 1985 while the rest of the Kingdom of Denmark remained.

England and Wales could do a “reverse Greenland” by seeking a territorial exemption from the continuing UK member state, allowing Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar to retain their EU membership, Mr Gad said in an article for the London School of Economics.

Clearly there’s an huge keeness there and elsewhere to remain within the EU. Whether it’s a flyer is a different matter. I can’t see the Tories allowing any differentiation across the UK to exist on this matter. And yet, speaking of differentiation, reading about MEPs it’s intriguing to read that:

Northern Ireland is a constituency of the European Parliament. Since 1979, it has elected three MEPs using the Single Transferable Vote, making it the only constituency in the United Kingdom to not use party list proportional representation.

And, of course, there are distinct differences between the constituent parts of the UK in regard to how they arrange various aspects of life, including legal and otherwise. Yet I’m still sceptical. These are the Tories we’re taking about. On the other hand it’s no harm for the SNP to raising this at each and every opportunity.


1. Paul Wilson - August 18, 2016

I was speaking to a Danish friend about this and she said that Greenland is not part of Denmark other than it recognises the Danish monarch as a titular head of state, much like the commonwealth.


WorldbyStorm - August 18, 2016

You know, given time that might be the situation in NI and Scotland before too long.


Tomboktu - August 18, 2016

It’s not quite that strong. Greenland is not sufficiently independent to be a member of the UN or, for example, a party to any of the UN human rights treaties. It is part of the Danish realm, and while it has huge autonomy from Denmark, the Danish government retains control of Greenland’s foreign relations.


WorldbyStorm - August 18, 2016



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