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Strong leadership August 16, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

…if at first you don’t succeed. Advertise.

Renua Ireland is to publicly advertise for the position of a new leader, offering a salary of €65,000.


1. Paidi - August 16, 2016

Trotskyite entryists ahoy!

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WorldbyStorm - August 16, 2016

heheh… 🙂


2. sonofstan - August 16, 2016

Michael Gove ahoy?


3. rockroots - August 16, 2016

“Renua’s rules stipulate that the leader must be an elected representative, meaning that applications for the job will be limited to councillors, senators and TDs.”

That’s five eligible candidates. Maximum. Why are they publicly advertising?


Joe - August 16, 2016

Or is every elected representative in the country (and further afield even) eligible? So, a temptation for someone from another party or an independent to throw their hat in the ring?

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4. benmadigan - August 16, 2016

Pity – going along the lines of – if you don’t like these principles i have others – I ‘m sure quite a few people would have enjoyed that salary!!


5. dublinstreams - August 16, 2016

meanwhile Renua councillor Frank Durcan objects to Educate Together school http://www.mayonews.ie/news/28374-planning-block-on-castlebar-school bcos ET elitist and current (catholic dominated) system works fine


oconnorlysaght - August 17, 2016

So , is the Maggot Durcan still around after nearly fifty years, or is this Son-of-Maggot ?


Joe - August 17, 2016

In fairness, I’d half agree with him that the Educate Together schools are elitist. Let’s say that there is room for healthy debate about elitism and the Educate Together schools and also the Gaelscoileanna.
I certainly don’t agree that the current (catholic and other church dominated) system works fine.

But then … maybe Cllr Durcan couldn’t give a flying funk one way or the other but thinks that him spouting this way on this issue will get him brownie points from the Renua Leader interview board.


dublinstreams - August 17, 2016

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