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After repeal… August 17, 2016

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Julien Mercille writing in the SBP the weekend before last makes the point that there’s a myth abroad that abortion is a ‘divisive issue’. And there’s a certain degree of sense in what he says.

For those of us who remember the 1983 referendum, and I do – all too well, the fact is that opinion was massively more divisive. He suggests that:

A recent Red C survey shoed that 87 per cent of Irish people want to liberalise abortion laws, 69 per cent say it should be a priority issue for the government, 68 per cent describe the current law as ‘cruel and inhumane’ and 73 per cent believe that the government should hold a referendum asking whether the Eight Amendment should be repealed. And these opinions cut across gender, geography and social class.

All this is true, and I imagine few enough of us here would disagree with any of those propositions.  Yet I wonder how that strength of opinion reconfigures once the shape of a post-8th Amendment replacement comes into view.

We discussed this here recently, that polling suggests that there’s still some way to go to a majority for a pro-choice position. As to what that shape of a replacement actually is given the balance of public opinion and political aversion by the largest parties to engaging with the issue – any suggestions?


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