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Careering diplomat August 17, 2016

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Here’s a personable character – Thae Yong Ho the most senior ranking North Korean diplomat to defect to South Korea. As interesting is the meeting he is shown addressing with the Revolutionary Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) which would have been the partner party of CPI (M-L) unless I am mistaken…


1. botheredbarney - August 17, 2016

Quite so. The CPI (Marxist-Leninist) came from the same gene pool as the CPGB (Marxist-Leninist) and the Trinity College Internationalists were a genetic strain who preceded the establishment of the two M-L parties – which incidentally drew heavy inspiration from MaoTse Tung Thought. The Trinity group also had a certain fascination with Hoxha’s ideological little Albania. Two or three of the TCD leaders had been educated at independent schools in England before arriving in Dublin for third level studies. I notice the name of one among the list of failed election candidates in that wikipedia entry.


sonofstan - August 17, 2016

A friend of mine in trinity in the very early eighties used to enjoy sending postcards to USI – then in Nth Great George’s St?- to ‘Enver Hoxha House’


botheredbarney - August 17, 2016

And who at that time was the Great Leader of USI, Union of Students in Ireland? I understand that some USI leaders of the 1970s and 80s vintage went on to have careers in the trade union and Workers Party sector.


Jolly Red Giant - August 18, 2016

OSF/SFWP control of USI was done by 1982.

Brendan Doris was President for a couple of years and a member of CPI(ML)

He was ably abetted by
Joe Duffy (of whine line fame)
Alex White (the great white hope of the LP)
Mark Durkan (that stalwart of the SDLP)
and a guy called Pat Doherty – a FG nut job from west Limerick.

The one thing they had in common – none of them were a member of the stickies.


2. CONVERT - August 17, 2016



3. Tawdy - August 17, 2016

My understanding is that the CPI ( ML ) was in Ireland in the late 60s. One Martin Dolphin was leader/spokesperson for them. Later incarcerated in Dundrum Mental Hospital, a different form of internment for that time.


Tawdy - August 17, 2016

Also they had the Little Red Bookshop in Castle Street Limerick. Where shots were fired at their shop window.


botheredbarney - August 17, 2016

The unfortunate Dolphin was committed to a mental hospital at the instigation of a relative with medical qualifications. The Trinity Internationalists appeared on the scene around 1966-67, and the CPI (M-L) undertook its ill-fated missionary travels to Cork and Limerick a few years later. A surviving commandant of the 1916 rising, W.J.Brennan-Whitmore (d.1977 aged 91), was quoted in the newspapers at the time of the Limerick fracas as denouncing the attempt to introduce what he termed “Asiatic atheism” into Ireland.


EWI - August 17, 2016


Already established as a well-noted ‘piece of work’, as they say.


botheredbarney - August 18, 2016

He was a serial letter writer to the newspapers. He got invited to address student meetings sometimes.


4. FergusD - August 18, 2016

When visiting Dublin in the summer of 1972 I came across a book stall in the TCD grounds manned by a guy, a student I assume, in a pinstripe suit with tails, selling Maoist literature! Little red books etc! Seemed to fit all the stereotypes about student toffs playing at revolution I’m afraid. Where is he now I wonder?

I’m just a gnarled old “arm twisting” Trot!


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