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Still performing… August 18, 2016

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I’ve said it before. Is the Trump campaign one of the most high profile examples of trolling we’ve ever seen. Or if not quite trolling, something utterly performative. Which is saying something given the nature of US national politics. But this list on Slate.com of how at various points Trump has been regarded as ‘pivoting’ towards becoming or attempting to present himself as a mainstream candidate is telling. There’s been so many of them, all followed by his trademark propensity to shoot his mouth off in ways that rather than building support see him lose it, piece by piece.

Indeed, even the most cursory examination of the manner in which the campaign has been fought by him suggests that any claims to managerial skills, expertise, ability, innovation, whatever, are wide of the mark. Very very wide of the mark.

If the following is correct – a quote from Politico in the Slate piece – is even half true then what sort of election is it going to be?

Publicly, Republican Party officials continue to stand by Donald Trump. Privately, at the highest levels, party leaders have started talking about cutting off support to Trump in October and redirecting cash to save endangered congressional majorities.

And this raises other questions. What of the credibility of the Republican party? That it could come to this surely raises questions over its approach, structure and so on. Of course there’s a broader dysfunction but how does this play in terms of it as a political vehicle. Granted it’s a lot more nebulous an entity than parties we are familiar with. But surely this must see serious damage inflicted or is 2016 going to be done and dusted in four years times. After all, one S. Palin didn’t entirely upset that apple cart.


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