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NAMA NI names… August 19, 2016

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Intriguing what’s going on in the North in relation to NAMA, isn’t it? SF is having a spot of local difficulty. There’s talk about ‘conspiracies’ and the DUP wants investigations. Anyone have a handle on it?


1. Mick Fealty - August 19, 2016

Just two words: Jamie Bryson. NI politics has gotten so low ball that both SF and dissident members of the DUP used him to try and damage Robinson last year.

Neither DUP or SF will press too hard (although SF having contained the problem to Daithi and bundled him offstage during silly season, the timing of any DUP revelations could be more damaging).

It’s down to NI’s new Opposition parties to make something of it.

I’ve heard the conspiracies too, but I’ll wait and see what emerges. Bryson has everyone jumping like a cat on a roof. But on what we know, there’s a small stack of stuff on Slugger on the matter.

One upshot we can probably rely on is that after this revelation Stormont’s NAMA Inquiry is now officially (and probably unofficially) dead.

Jamie should never have been let a public session, never minded coached. It’s a bad panto.


WorldbyStorm - August 19, 2016

Very true re timing. A month or so later… Be very interesting to see where all this – and I mean all – leads.

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2. EWI - August 20, 2016

Nothing in this says ‘conspiracy’, as in falsification of evidence, so that’s that. Advising a witness on *how* to present is a grey area.

The question is, has Bryson leaked this stuff himself, or was it someone (private detectives or state actors) targetting him, looking for dirt?


Mick Fealty - August 20, 2016

Person or persons pissed at Cushnahan (the famous taped conversation was a developer) for playing God with who got relief and who got burned and (perhaps) used Robinson as bait in the story to get the media to take a proper interest in the detail of the relevant Nama sale.

NI is a parish and according to rule, we do clientelism. My home town, Holywood, has its fair share of fat parish cats sitting on private monopolies and drawing mad salaries from it all. Cushnahan was God because he predated all the post GFA pols and they became abjectly dependent on him in dealing with a grieving private sector.

As for Daithi, he just got caught trying to manage something little short of a show trial. I suspect (but cannot prove) he was acting on behalf of the party: there’s no way Bryson gets to public session in the Finance committee (with the DUP screaming blue murder) with that crock of sh1t without senior cover.

The thing is the chair has every right to prepare witnesses, he’s just not supposed to do it behind the committee’s back (watch this exchange with Judith Cochrane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRvuqA8bhXk&feature=youtu.be&t=8m4s). John McGuinness did something similar with the former Garda Commissioner, which he only disclosed afterwards.

In this case, they were dealing with a guy who if he didn’t do it, one of his, erm, loyalist mates dropped the whole shaming load into the public domain (possibly because they were pissed at Daithi’s strong stance on parading in Rasharkin).


EWI - August 21, 2016

with that crock of sh1t

So, is it true? Or not?


3. sonofstan - August 21, 2016

Sunday Life saying it was Bryson what leaked tweets. Dis-loyalist


EWI - August 21, 2016

‘Ratbag engages in ratbaggery, news at ten’?


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