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Rebellion Festival August 20, 2016

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Only heard about this recently, but it seems great. The Rebellion Festival – a gathering of punk and early post-punk and contemporary punk bands. It’s held in Blackpool every year around this time and there’s some line up.

For a better appreciation of it here’s some reports from the front line, so to speak, on the Culturie blog! Day 1. Day 2. Day 3. Day 4. By the way a very interesting blog that too, with reports on gigs various in the late 1980s and on into the 1990s.


1. yourcousin - August 20, 2016

I knew enough of the bands to not feel too old. But what sticks out in my mind is the fact that when I saw the UK Subs at 16 the only original member was the easily in his sixties at the time. Now in my mid thirties I have imagine he’s also gone. So what makes up a band if all the members are gone?


2. yourcousin - August 20, 2016


3. Niallhope - August 20, 2016

Charlie Harper was 70 last year and still sings in them. Alvin Gibbs has been in the band on and off since 1980. What makes the band is the songs but without the these two they would just be a covers band. With these two they are still the Uk Subs


WorldbyStorm - August 20, 2016

Its an interesting question isn’t it. Ac/DC now only have Angus young left, not sure it’s ac/DC any longer.. .I think one or two are necessary, but depends on the one or two, motorhead would always be motorhead with Lemmy even tho the original line ups were long gone (Larry Wallis of pink fairies played in the very first one iirc), turbonegro soldier on with their fourth lead singer. The damnex are kind of half on their original lone
up, etc etc


4. sonofstan - August 20, 2016

Dr Feelgood still exist without a single original member since Lee Brilleaux died.


WorldbyStorm - August 20, 2016

And is it my imagination.or did they rerecord some old track’s


5. pdf to word - August 22, 2016

Now in my mid thirties I have imagine he’s also gone.


6. Women’s rock festival in London | Dear Kitty. Some blog - August 25, 2016

[…] Rebellion Festival […]

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