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Showband memories August 20, 2016

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Interesting post here on Larry Kirwan of Black 47 on his blog about the show band period. And it takes as its starting point the fact he hadn’t played a track by any show band on his show. So he purchased Irish Showbands – the Hits Collection. Which oddly a friend gave me a loan of last week too.

It’s an interesting genre, for many reasons, some noted here recently. But I’m a bit better acquainted with it than I remembered due to assiduous listening to Ronan Collins radio show back in the late 90s and early 2000s when in work. Have that on in the background and you couldn’t but help hear a fair old range of tracks from that period. I remember hearing this minor controversy too where Collins was unusually direct compared to some of his peers in Irish entertainment and music, and what was entertaining was that Collins said before a certain band manager waded in that he would be accused of being a ‘failed drummer in a show band’. Cue band manager wading in and said manager said he was a ‘failed show band star’. My sympathies were entirely with Collins.

Kirwan himself has written to my mind one of the great books about Irish music entitled A History of Irish Music, and an autobiography too, and he played himself in show bands. As he notes:

A raw teenager, I entered the showband ranks towards the end of their reign – recruited by Johnny Reck, a legend in Wexford musical circles. He had observed me playing a pub gig and invited me to become his bassist with the following confidence-building line, “Six strings seem to be a bit beyond you – let’s start you out on four!

Great stuff.


1. 6to5against - August 20, 2016

I remember the showbands from the last few years of their reign over irish Music. I think the thing thats often missed about them is that they should really be judged on their live performances rather than their (often woeful, occasionally decent) recordings.

I remember the confusion I felt as a young teenager when, having already decided that only rock/punk/new-wave bands had any right to exist, I found myself dancing for hours and having a great time to a local showband.

and I’ve always loved this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw2jFQo_Jso


sonofstan - August 20, 2016

And the original….

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