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Centauri Dreams… August 27, 2016

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iO9 was quick off the mark in relation to stories set in the Alpha Centauri system with this list of ten.

I’d forgotten the Songs of Distant Earth was set there – perhaps Clarke’s last good novel. John Barnes and Buzz Aldrin’s Encounter at Tiber was pretty good. I’d forgotten the aliens in Footfall by Larry Niveln and Jerry Pournelle were from those parts.

This wiki page has a much longer list which is fascinating to see.

I can’t help but feel that the discovery this week will be a shot in the arm to new fiction set in that system, though, as will be noted here today, views are mixed as to what is practical and feasible in the near to middle future.

Speaking of stories of interstellar probes this was linked to on Stross in comments… a sad short little story from Alastair Reynolds.


1. Aonrud ⚘ - August 27, 2016

The 1999 Alpha Centauri spin-off version of Civilization was pretty good too. They tried it again more recently with “Beyond Earth”, but not so successfully.


WorldbyStorm - August 27, 2016

I don’t think I played it properly, never liked the look of it visually for some reason. which now seems foolish of me. I’d heard that re the newer one.


2. EWI - August 28, 2016

At last, we can have our Libertarian Utopia! Unfortunately on the trip over, surprising no-one, the billionaires resorted to throwing the sick and old out the airlock, eating everyone else once the rations ran out, and they’re now on the surface hungrily eyeing each other up.


3. Torheit - August 28, 2016

I have heard that a suitable planet orbits a star called Sol.

But signs of intelligent life on it are ambiguous at best.


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