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The Damned – 40th Anniversary Tour August 27, 2016

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Saw them last night on the Dublin leg of a two date tour of Ireland, Limerick it was on Thursday. Part of their 40th anniversary tour too. They were at the Academy and excellent. I first saw them in 1985 in the SFX (the point was made to me that was both 31 years ago and their 9th anniversary tour!) and a couple of times since but I’m thinking this most recent one was the best. There’s something endearing about their willingness to spin from punk to psychedelia, garage, and so on. Actually someone suggested to me there was a bit of show band DNA in them, hard to disagree when one hears Eloise. Dave Vanian was, to my ears, unusually chatty, Captain Sensible neatly caustic about various targets, one B. James, another M. McLaren and so forth. The rhythm section was just about perfect and the keyboardist, as ever, looks as if he’d wondered in from 1970s children’s BBC daytime television programming. And if the biggest cheers of the evening were for the 1976-1982 period songs, well, it was the anniversary. After all New Rose was the first punk single released in the UK, and rightly they won’t let us forget it. The interview below suggests that they’re hugely underrated. I think that’s true. In fact of all that first wave of punk groups I’d rate them well ahead of the Sex Pistols and on a par, at the least, with the Clash – in fact personally I prefer them to the latter (the Ramones being a slightly different animal) – and of course, arguably they’ve had the greatest longevity. Here’s a This Weekend on them from a year or so back.

BTW, nice to see at least one CLR commenter there!

And from the current tour:


1. rockroots - August 27, 2016

Yes, great gig. And, again, how well they’ve aged. Compared to, say, The Buzzcocks, for example.


WorldbyStorm - August 27, 2016

+1 I only saw the Buzzcocks once in the early 2000s in that venue beside Whelans, can’t remember what name it was using at that time, I liked them but though energetic there was some kind of fire that the Damned have that was missing.


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