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Train coming round the bend… August 29, 2016

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Entertaining to see today a bit of a push back on the Corbyn/Virgin train story. Now, one can suggest that the original photo of Corbyn was perhaps over-egged by those around Corbyn, but… in the long run how much damage is it going to cause when one reads reports like this from the Guardian that Virgin breached its own guidelines:

The decision by Virgin Trains to release CCTV images of Jeremy Corbyn on one of its services after he complained on video about the journey being “completely ram-packed” was in breach of the company’s own policies, the Guardian can reveal.
The company handed images, which appeared to show the Labour leader walking past empty seats before sitting on the train’s floor, to the media earlier this week in a move that embarrassed Corbyn.

And, and this is important:

The party leader’s claim was derided, with accusations that he had lied about how busy the train really was.
However, leaked emails reveal that the managing director of Virgin Trains East Coast told staff that the controversy had highlighted how crowded services can be, and that finding seats could make customers anxious and stressed.

This could be a fortuitous escape. What it underlines though is the absolute necessity for not allowing any hostages to fortune and/or a media that is only straining at the leash to attack Corbyn. One can be sure they will be only too eager to put the tag of hypocrite around his neck. It’s essential to avoid that happening, not least because he comes across as measured and thoughtful and principled. Those aren’t insignificant virtues in this day and age.


1. Michael Carley - August 29, 2016

Interesting that someone at Virgin leaked the emails.


dermot - August 29, 2016

Some entryist Trot no doubt!!! 😀


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