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Brexit and UK public opinion? August 31, 2016

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What is Brexit? What do people mean by it? This post on UK Polling Report is useful in terms of laying out the limitations of what may be feasible politically.

By 44% to 32% people thought it would be bad for Britain if we simply left and had no trade deal with the remainder of the EU. A Norway-type deal, with Britain joining EFTA and maintaining free trade with EU in exchange for free-movement, a financial contribution and following trade rules is seen a little less negatively (35% good, 38% bad)… but perhaps more importantly, by 42% to 32% people would see it as not seen as honouring the result of the referendum. Finally, we asked about a Canada-type deal, where there is no freedom of movement or financial contribution, but only a limited free trade deal that excludes services. That was seen as both honouring the result of the referendum, and as positive for Britain.

That looks like a pretty minimalist deal is the most-favoured option amongst the public. But, as Anthony Wells, author of the post, notes negotiations haven’t started, nor has their been any serious debate in the British media about them. And there’s a weird sort of duality in what discourse there is with some claiming that Brexit has already happened…


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