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No Marx for wit… September 4, 2016

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What a pity that what could have been an interesting review of a new work on Marx ended with a glib and pointless contemporary note. You’ll find it here in the Guardian.

Here’s the paragraph that really irritates me.

I couldn’t help noticing while reading the book, however, some clear parallels between modern leftist politics and the habits of the old man. Thanks to his obsession with minute points of ideological deviation, his determination to cling to leadership positions despite the increasing irrelevance of the groups he led, his conviction that victory was imminent despite near-overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and his repeated estrangement of potential allies for no apparent reason, Marx would surely have felt at home in today’s Labour party.

And there’s a good question squirrelled away in there too. How does one explain the curious resistance, perhaps aversion is a better word, displayed by the working class to meet its appointment with destiny? But no, going for the cheap gibe against Corbyn rather than working through this in a useful manner is clearly the order of the day.


1. EWI - September 4, 2016

Marx would surely have felt at home in today’s Labour party.

They don’t mean it that way (and what an indictment on the Blairites), but it’s a compliment.

Speaking of which, how is the Irish Labour Party these days on whether they’re for or agin’ their founder James Connolly at the moment?

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CMK - September 4, 2016

‘Can I just say, that if Connolly were alive today he would have no hesitation in appealing the Apple decision. The 12.5% corporation tax rate is the most progressive, pro-worker policy we have and you can be assured that Connolly and the Citizen Army would be fighting to the last round of ammunition to defend it, if they were alive today. But they aren’t, so we in the Labour Party must do it instead, along with our comrades in FF and FG.’

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