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Man Overboard …… September 5, 2016

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(as noted by CMK) Stephen Donnelly parts ways with the Social Democrats

The Party Statement

I wonder where he will end up? He was previously linked with joining Fianna Fail or will he just stay as an Independent.
A big blow to the Social Democrats though.


1. irishelectionliterature - September 5, 2016

Monday 5 September, 2016: I am announcing, after a prolonged period of consideration, that I am leaving the Social Democrats with immediate effect. I do so with great sadness, having vested so much together with my parliamentary colleagues, Catherine and Roisin, a small core team and many volunteers across the country, into the establishment of the Social Democrats over the last 20 months.

It is a fact that some partnerships, in every walk of life, simply don’t work no matter how hard all of the parties to that partnership try to make it succeed.

My decision is based on the fact that for the Social Democrats to achieve its potential as a party of significant influence and scale, despite the many obstacles new parties face, one critical component is that the leadership team must function very well together as a team. In spite of everyone’s best efforts, I have concluded that our partnership did not have that . I further believe that this would be the case whether the leadership had continued to be shared or was vested in one person, which was not something I or anyone else had sought.

I entered politics in 2011 because I saw an urgent need for new thinking and approaches to steering Ireland through turbulent times and into a new era of opportunity and equality. I remain just as committed to making as best a contribution as I can to my constituency and our country through politics, as a social democrat. To this end, I will now be consulting with my supporters in Wicklow and East Carlow on the best way forward..

I wish to thank most sincerely the many, many people who support both the Social Democrats and me personally.

I will continue to work hard on the issues I am championing, including stopping tax avoidance by vulture funds, improving public services, resolving the mortgage crisis; responsible fiscal management, promoting high quality job creation and reducing the costs of living and doing business.

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2. Joe - September 5, 2016

He’s leaving the Social Democrats but is committed to continue making a contribution ‘as a social democrat’. Maybe he’ll found the Real Social Democrats?

Heard Shortall on the radio just now. She says they are on a long road, writing a party constitution and so on – so apparently serious about establishing a party. National party conference in the autumn apparently.


Pasionario - September 5, 2016

Shades of David Owen there — another middle-class professional convinced he was destined for political greatness yet who proved unable to function in any political party where all the members didn’t agree with him all of the time.

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sonofstan - September 5, 2016

Good call.


WorldbyStorm - September 5, 2016

Continuity social democrats


3. Brendan Young - September 5, 2016

Apple tax I reckon. He doesn’t want to frighten the horses.


sonofstan - September 5, 2016

Yep, think so. They had him on the radio very soon after the commission judgement was announced and he was uncharacteristically inarticulate and vague.


CMK - September 5, 2016

‘uncharacteristically inarticulate and vague.’

That’s the one thing I have noticed since the Apple decision was made. I listened to Michael Martin yesterday on RTE news at one yesterday and he was ‘uncharacteristically inarticulate and vague.’ Once a half decent or informed journalist puts a defender of Apple and its tax arrangements under pressure you can hear them starting to sweat.The establishment bluffed, spoofed, blustered their way out of the bank guarantee and its consequences. I think this one is going to be much harder for them. There is zero room for error on their part. Interesting times.


4. Jc - September 5, 2016

wasn’t this always going to happen at some point? He didn’t belong in a party whose members — however naively — espouse a somewhat left-of-centre agenda. His list of causes in his statement could easily be framed to fit within Fine Gael. Responsible fiscal management? Reducing the costs of doing business?


Pasionario - September 5, 2016

FF is the logical destination for him now what with Martin branding them as “centre-left”.

There’s also historically two FF seats in Wicklow and Donnelly can easily hold onto his own with their backing and his personal vote. FG already have two seats there.


5. Aonrud - September 5, 2016

There’s a transcript of an interview with him over on Broadsheet: http://www.broadsheet.ie/2016/09/05/ill-be-going-into-conversations-with-a-very-open-mind/

He seems very dependent on the ‘workplace’ analogy – treating leaving the party as equivalent to leaving a job at Company A to go to Company B. “I’ve had a great time working here, it’s a great team, but now it’s time for me to move on” etc. Which bypasses the notion that principles may determine party choice. Looks a bit, well… careerist.


WorldbyStorm - September 5, 2016

Strange emphasis in that interview alright. And his answer is near enough impossible to understand. I have no greater sense why he left having read that than when I started. Curious.


sonofstan - September 6, 2016

Might this open the possibility of the SDs finding allies to their left? I would have thought that Murphy, and to a lesser extent Shortall, might have more in common with Daly, Collins or Pringle for example than Donnelly would. I know voter wise, outside their already established vote, they’re fishing in the same pool as labour and the greens, but there’s a softer left vote outside the AAAetc they could go for.


WorldbyStorm - September 6, 2016

I think they do but then again Collins Daly Pringle Wallace and Broughan already have their vehicle


6. Crocodile - September 6, 2016

We often mention this sort of thing, but Donnelly’s Drivetime interview with Mary Wilson was a model of modern political coverage. She wasn’t the least bit interested in what he believed in – only in personal differences he might have had with SD colleagues and whether he’d had approaches from FF or anyone else. You’d think she’d have asked whether he represented the right of the SDs and, say Shortall the left, but no. It’s all a form of higher gossip, nothing ideological to see here.

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WorldbyStorm - September 6, 2016

Depressing isn’t it? Some questions one could ask is how a social democrat, self-described intends to pursue social democracy outside the social democrats? Not that that is impossible, just who are the SD forces he would link up with?


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