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500 Documents in the Irish Left Archive September 6, 2016

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With the addition of this week’s Wood Quay protests documents, the Irish Left Archive now contains over 500 documents.  Over the years it has built up to provide a good range across the various shades of political group on the Irish Left.

There are of course still plenty of areas that could be better filled out, so do keep submitting any documents you think may be relevant or interesting for the archive.  The index of organisations, publications, authors etc. on the database site has also filled out quite well since it was started, but there are plenty of missing or too-brief descriptions, so any suggested improvements there are also very welcome.

The size of the archive also means that collections on particular topics can be put together, giving an overview of various perspectives on a particular event or political issue.  Lately, we’ve added collections on the Easter Rising, abortion and reproductive rights, the hunger strikes, and the aforementioned Wood Quay protests.

So thanks to everyone who has contributed documents, written commentaries and comments, and made use of the archive since its inception in 2007. Here’s a little box of numbers from the homepage of the database site, and I’ll let you know when we hit 1000…



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[…] 500 Documents in the Irish Left Archive […]


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