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Future forms of the left… September 6, 2016

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lcox and myself had some discussions on this thread here a week or so back about issues relating to the Irish left, and further afield. And it links into other posts in the last couple of weeks in relation to organisation in workplaces, social media and so on. Indeed it’s not difficult to see all these bearing upon the question, or is that questions, as to how the left should organise across a range of areas, what the connections should be between those areas and the left(s), how to pull in activists and as importantly supported and convince an electorate that is perhaps all too easily being swayed back to supposed ‘centrism’ of one flavour or another, and beyond that what is the goal?

Or can and should there be many goals? That just as the left itself might be, as it were, constructed with variable geometry as a given, parliamentary, extra-parliamentary, in unions, etc perhaps even at odds with itself in some instances, should it be accepted that destinations will also be multiple, that some will journey some of the way but no further whereas others will push on?


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