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Man on the edge. Will he? Won’t he? September 7, 2016

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Here’s a nugget of rumour in the current stories swirling around John Halligan and his threat to depart the Coalition over the lack of delivery of cardiac services that he wants. Enda Kenny has said the services are a non-starter – though ‘a number of other offers have been made to him’. Which leaves the Minister of State in a tricky spot.

Anyhow, if he does go there is little chance of wailing and gnashing of teeth in government circles.

There is increasing frustration in Government circles with Mr Halligan, with one source saying it is time the Waterford deputy’s position in the Fine Gael-Independent coalition “crystallised”.
“We cannot go on having these crisis meetings all the time,” said a Government figure, with speculation that Mattie McGrath or Noel Grealish could join the Coalition should Mr Halligan leave.

And suddenly the weakness of the government becomes a strength – until McGrath or Grealish, or… whisper it, perhaps one S. Donnelly, stray from the straight and narrow.


1. dublinstreams - September 7, 2016

i think the crisis are exaggerated just like the idea that taking 2 more days to consider the Apple tax ruling was intolerable! Minister John, FG want to bounce the others into every decision.

I’ve looked for a complete document on John Halligan’s argument for a 2nd cath lab at Waterford hospital on his website couldn’t find it
although that might allow people to scrutinise things

Halligan used “erroneous” figures to overstate level of cardiac services at Waterford Hospital http://www.kenfoxe.com/2016/09/610/


2. gendjinn - September 7, 2016

Would increased cardiac services in Waterford cost more or less than $14.5 billion?


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