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UK polling attitudes… marry a Tory? Not likely! September 8, 2016

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Kind of fluffy, but here’s an interesting nugget in a piece on ‘sex, religion, age – the secret life of the British voter’ in the Observer.

It notes that:

Just one in eight Conservative voters say they would be unhappy for their children to mary a Labour supporter. But more than a quarter of Labour votes would oppose a romantic match between their child and a Conservative or UKIP voter.

Fair enough!

Very very interesting is the following:

…there is a steady rise in the share of the electorate who feel no great attachment to any of the parties. Such voters were once a rarity. Many voters growing up in the 1960s and 1970s ended up with lasting political loyalty, usually to the LP or the Tories. Young voters today are less willing enter into long-term political relationships – well over half of those born in the1980s have made it into their 30s without developing a party loyalty.
The result is more demanding voters, who cannot be bought off with appeal to traditional loyalty, and more volatile politics, as the disappointed have few qualms about switching sides….

That’s intriguing, not least in the clear attachment of younger voters to the EU during the Brexit referendum. Is it, like in this state during marriage equality, that big picture items secure loyalty and activism and the seemingly more mundane slog of party politics isn’t at the races?

The other point is that the idea that this new cohort can be ‘captured’ by any particular group seems difficult to believe. If anything they seem least likely to ever settle for a single political home.


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