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Still onboard… September 9, 2016

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…comes the news late last night that:

The Waterford TD has also pulled back from an earlier threat to walk out of Government over the issue.

Following consultations with campaigners and cardiac consultants in Waterford, he has agreed to remain in office “for the time being” while he continues to campaign for the provision of the second lab.

And how would this impact the government were he to walk? Pat Leahy in the IT suggests that:

Mr Halligan’s resignation would not eliminate the minority Government’s ability to command a majority in the Dáil when Fianna Fáil abstains, but it would reduce its majority in those circumstances to one vote.

Interesting. Perhaps – ironically, this means that the leverage of individual TDs in the current government is a little more limited than might otherwise be the case (and let’s not forget those virtuous souls waiting in the wings). Though that ups the pressure on FF, doesn’t it? At the present it has the ability to present at least a facade – that it isn’t really what is holding this government in power, though of course it is. With that down to one seat or none. Well… that’s a different matter.


1. irishelectionliterature - September 9, 2016

Hard to know if the Halligan can recover from going into Government. If he jumps in the next few weeks is it in enough time to save his seat the next time around? A vote drop of a few percent would put him in danger and he won’t be as transfer friendly next time out either.


Joe - September 9, 2016

Nah. Either or any way, I’d say his seat is safe now. He’s Mr Waterford. He’ll get votes for ‘standing up for Waterford’. Top of the poll next time, I’d say.


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