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HMV gone again September 11, 2016

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Sorry to see this news, that HMV had closed once more in the Republic. It had always seemed precarious in the extreme since the first time it closed three years ago. Doesn’t this also mean that currently there’s only one dedicated mainstream music/dvd store in Dublin city centre – that being Tower? Indeed getting DVDs may be considerably more difficult. And curiously, somewhere it was mentioned that Belfast now has the largest HMV in the world. Can that be right? And it would be useful to poke and prod at the rationale for the closures too given that what wiki terms ‘physical’ music is now so limited in its availability here.

But as this report notes it goes further than those issues. There’s the loss of the jobs – I think 45 or so in total. And for those workers there are in trouble over redundancy payments.

Former workers at the four stores say they were told in a letter from the company that they would receive their redundancy payments yesterday.

However, they did not receive the payments owed to them before the company went into liquidation.


Former HMV staff say they will be forced to turn to the State for redundancy payments after the company went into liquidation earlier this week.

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