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“He cost us the election…” September 12, 2016

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Reading this from Enda Kenny…

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has declared he has got his “mojo back” and is ready to go “flat out” in Government after a summer of reflection.
The Fine Gael leader said on Monday that while he did not enjoy the last general election, the party still ended up being the largest in the Dáil.
“I’ve reflected on this during the summer and as they say, I’ve got my mojo back,” he said.
“ We’ve got a huge agenda in front of us and I intend to go flat out as head of a partnership Government.”

… the thought came to me that if you have to say it then you’re probably in trouble. Anyhow, in has come the report carried out by FG into FG (okay, granted an independent report). It can’t make for happy reading:

Fine Gael’s general election campaign failed in a range of areas, including vision, empathy, planning, tactical positioning and communication, a report prepared for the party has found.

Well now, that’s just about everything. And:

Ms Coy has told party TDs and senators that campaign headquarters had a “fortress mentality” and that the party needs to “reassert connection to constitutional republicanism”.

Is this why Kenny keeps mentioning a united Ireland? Anyhow, dovetailing with this, two things that interested me about an analysis of Fine Gael in the SBP from Hugh O’Connelll this last weekend were the following. First up the suggestion that it was Enda Kenny that dun for the party at the election.

Many bemoan the disastrous election in which the Taosiech had a particularly dreadful campaign, typified by his infamous ‘whingers’ comment.


‘He cost us the election, he cost me my seat for fuck’s sake,’ one ousted and angry former Ministers who is contemplating a Dáil return said last week.

But is that conclusion warranted by the facts. Or rather can all the blame be laid at Kenny’s door? Now it’s certainly not this sites role to provide support to the/any leader of FG, but while it is true the campaign was pretty grim, FG’s poll ratings had been sliding across the life of the last Dáil, albeit with one or two up ticks. And while Kenny must take responsibility for that too, it’s notable that the LPs poll ratings were sliding even more precipitously. So perhaps more accurately it could be suggested that all in all the last government, Kenny included, wasn’t all that popular. Now not entirely unpopular for they’re back in power and one has to wonder whether many other FG leaders could have had the sheer obstinacy to get the present crew on the road. Still, what do others think?

Speaking of which, another thought on foot of the following.

‘I think Micheál Martin is sounding more and more like the real taoiseach,’ said one TD last week after the FF leaders’s measures [!] response to the Apple tax controversy. Some FG TDs look on enviously as FF deputies get briefings from ministers and bemoan they’re not getting the same access or information.

It’s certainly true that FF TDs are remarkably chipper, all things considered. They don’t have the aura of defeat that usually accompanies a party that hasn’t made it into government. And it would seem reasonable that to date the temporary little arrangement is working well enough for FF. They’re not losing popularity.

But is that accurate about the briefings? That’s surely a gift to the opposition(s), isn’t it?


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