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Keep up the insults! Yeah, that’ll work… September 12, 2016

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Liam Fox certainly seems to think so. Entertaining though the push back against his comments.

Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, has been attacked by businesspeople and politicians for suggesting British executives would rather play golf rather than export their goods and services, in an extraordinary attack on the country’s “lazy” business culture.

Fox, a former GP and staunch Eurosceptic, told a reception for the Thatcherite group Conservative Way Forward that the UK had grown “too fat” on the successes of previous generations.

Is this proof positive that May was playing a long game positioning the most vociferous Brexiters in positions of authority in regard to the negotiations of that process… or does it point to a general ineptitude amongst the Tories. I tend to think it’s more likely the latter.


1. Gewerkschaftler - September 12, 2016

70% cockup and 30% calculation, like most of politics.

May is presumably giving the charming trio enough rope to hang themselves on and then perhaps hopes to finesse some form of we-tried-hard-but-it-was-not-to-be type of going back on the referendum that most of her peers would like.

Johnsonian insults seem to becoming standard fare in the Tories. I guess because they feel no real challenge and expect to rule over a shrunken Little Britain whatever happens during the next decade.

But people respond to this kind of thing by laughing with them and plotting longer-term revenge.


gendjinn - September 12, 2016

Yeah, what you said. But I think it was all calculation, the degree to which it was smart and/or effective is up for debate.


EWI - September 13, 2016

Will people be laughing when they next do something like stripping the public sector of union and voting rights?


2. gendjinn - September 12, 2016

I don’t get the feeling that anyone is taking Boris Johnson as FS seriously. That was clearly both excruciating humiliation forcing him to defend Brexit to foreign leaders, and a big public, stage to highlight his flaws.

The other leading Brexiteers, especially the obvious fools, got similar treatment.

And the date for triggering Article 50 gets pushed off. Perhaps with the hopes that time & gaffes will bury the Brexiteers giving them an opening to decide not to trigger Article 50.

May keeps telling us too often that Article 50 is definitely getting triggered for me to believe her.


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