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Private trip September 14, 2016

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Fergal and Joe reflect upon the following in comments:

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary said staff at Dublin Bus are holding the public “to ransom” and said the bus service, as well as the rail service, should be privatised.

In truth there’s a certain mind-numbing stupidity in evidence in such calls for privatisation. Now one could ask why he is even asked about this question. For his acquaintance with ‘transport’ is so distinctively different (albeit let’s not forget the effective subsidy by states globally of air fuel) that it’s rather like asking me about how RyanAir should conduct flight operations because I use a bicycle every day.

But even that aside what does ‘privatisation’ mean in this context. Well. Clearly for him it is about cutting away the the power of workers to protest in regard to pay and conditions. It certainly can’t be about the economics of the situation for even were bus and rail ‘privatised’ they would, as is the case pretty much every where else on this planet, need massive injections on a regular basis of state finances. And the reason is that for all such talk privatised transport services of that type have not covered themselves in glory. One need only look at the shambles of British Rail to see evidence of same – the subsequent denationalisation of Railtrack is a clue in itself. As to buses the UK doesn’t offer any great comfort there as to the utility of privatisation – and its pretty revealing to see the level of subsidies from the state to private operators. Simply put the state – however much O’Leary likes it or not, has to take a leading role, not least in funding.

The idea that a faux or cosmetic privatisation be placed on top of what would effectively be largely state funded enterprises seems to me to be a pointless exercise, and on many different levels. But hey, O’Leary gets his moment in the sun, the media get their quote…


1. EWI - September 14, 2016

and its pretty revealing to see the level of subsidies from the state to private operators.

I’m reminded of that French union report that revealed that Ryanair extorts about half billion euros per annum in subsidy from states around Europe. To the O’Learys of this world, their getting free money from the public purse is different, of course.


fergal - September 14, 2016

That’s part of it EWI, isn’t it- it was carried out by the CGT and it was 600 million in various regional subsidies around Europe. Truth be told O’Leary is a corporate welfare junkie, so strung out on state handouts he doesn’t realise how addicted he is(apologies to all ordinary addicts). All those airports around europe were built with taxpayers money- often linked to the army and/or nato, likewise the motorways his coaches use – fortunately for Ryanair there were no O Leary like figures around in the 50s and 60s moaning about wasting taxpayers money and not being intereted in turning a profit
Of course, Luas is private, with a subvention too- …but this didn’t stop the workers from going out on a good few occasions…and winning 🙂

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