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Trade Union Left Forum September 14, 2016

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1. Des Derwin - September 15, 2016

Some quick, initial and incomplete thoughts on a political (not an economic or a full trade union and industrial) programme for the union activists to campaign for in the movement.

1. Time now for disaffiliation from the Labour Party.
2. The establishment of elected political committees and fora in unions to address pro tem support for election candidates in each election. Political funds to stay.
3. The question of replacement affiliation suspended pending the emergence of a new workers party commanding substantial support.
4. The unions to consider participation in the development of a new broadbased radical left party of workplace, community and campaign struggle and Dáil representation.
5. Repeal of the 1990 Industrial Relations Act.
6. Repeal of FEMPI
7. Trade union independence of employers and governments through renunciation of social partnership agreements and arrangements.
8. Sinn Féin should be regarded as part of the fluid mix towards a new workers’ party but not at this time a candidate for replacement of the Labour Party by trade union affiliation.
9. All trade unions to allow political discussion and decision as vital to the interest of workers; discontinue prohibitions on political motions, etc.
10. Recognition of the tremendous support in the movement for the Trade Union Campaign for Repeal of the 8th Amendment and for all unions to openly back repeal.


Gewerkschaftler - September 16, 2016

That sounds like a good start, Des.

Plenty of controversial issues that need facing there.

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Gewerkschaftler - September 16, 2016

Could you let us know about the outcomes from the meeting?


Des Derwin - September 16, 2016

Reports and news are usually found on the Trade Union Left Forum website and Facebook page:




Gewerkschaftler - September 22, 2016

Thanks Des – I have it bookmarked. Not Facebook – your own site. 🙂


2. siptuactivist - September 22, 2016

11. The Labour Party’s Ged Nash has proposed legislation on ‘uncertain hours’ of work, or ‘if and when contracts’. Apart from the fact that the time to do this was when he was employment minister in the last government, it is legislation that should be added to a trade union political and legislative programme.


3. siptuactivist - September 22, 2016

12. (Of course) Statutory right to trade union recognition and representation.


4. siptuactivist - September 22, 2016

11. and 12. are me too 🙂


siptuactivist - September 22, 2016



5. Alibaba - September 23, 2016

Just received this update:

“Developing a left political programme for the trade union movement?

To All Trade Union Left Forum Friends and Comrades,

Over the last two meetings trade union activists have discussed and debated the need for a left political programme within the movement, and across unions, that left trade union activists can sign up to, support and promote.

It is felt this will provide a basic set of common left principles which activists can rally around and provide support for developing motions within unions, a basic programme for those seeking to stand for positions in unions and also a means of identifying friends and allies and building a much needed network of left activists within the movement.

It was agreed last night this should be a short set of principles which people can publicly sign up to on the website. It is hoped to agree these as soon as possible and then, over time, develop each principle into a more substantive statement of political position.

So, we want to invite you to submit any ideas you have for inclusion. Please reply to this with your thoughts. We hope to arrange a further meeting in the next couple of weeks to launch this initiative.

Trade Union Left Forum”


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