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Interview with Father Brian D’Arcy – part 2 September 15, 2016

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In Hot Press today, and just by the way this edition of Hot Press is a Repeal the 8th Special, Jason O’Toole’s second part of his continuing interview with D’Arcy is published.

Actually on Repeal the 8th D’Arcy says:

Do you believe the Eighth Amendment will be repealed in a referendum?
I’ve no doubt about that. I have no doubt that it is going to be repealed. But I still feel that we should try to save all lives. If some life is taken in the process of that, as a by-product of it – that’s honestly fine. There is no moral law against it at all.


Is the Church’s attitude changing?
The Catholic Church’s official teaching on homosexuality was gravely lacking and gravely misinformed up until now. I do think there’s a growing willingness to recognise that we need to change. As society develops and our understanding of complex problems develops, we need to change our position, to ensure that we do not cause unnecessary suffering to any person of good will.
One reason people voted against same sex marriage was because they didn’t like the idea of gay couples adopting.
I don’t think it makes the slightest difference. Adopting a child is a very serious responsibility and to hand a child over to a couple who are not the biological parents is a huge thing. We should take precautions for the benefit of the child, and make sure that the couple are capable of that – whether same sex or heterosexual. But we must make sure that the child has the possibility of a balanced, good upbringing.

How about this?

Do you believe that women should be allowed to be priests?
I have to be very careful to how I answer this. If I answer a straight yes – which is how I feel – then I could get the second yellow card and be silenced forever.

He mentions the Association of Catholic Priests – or rather Jason O’Toole does and D’Arcy notes:

Shortly after our first conversation, a letter was written by the association of priests, expressing great concern that the Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland, Charles Brown, is out of sync.
For a man who’s waiting for the second yellow card, it wouldn’t be a good thing to say anything. I don’t know the man. I don’t know what he does. All I do know is that I don’t think the quality of bishops that are being chosen are helpful to the future of the Catholic Church in Ireland. And I’m not sure who chooses them, but whoever does should consult more.

And it’s worth noting I suppose that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has been on his case once already. D’Arcy would be far from the most radical figure in the Catholic Church in Ireland, but isn’t it a sign of the times that – in a period with a massively reduced clergy – the Church would seem, at least in some of its parts, to be trying to find new enemies?


1. Geraldus Galwensis - September 15, 2016

Fr. Brian D’Arcy, whom Eamon McCann once described as ‘a pop press priest’ on account of his column in the Sunday World, makes the kind of offside-lite remarks that soothe the emotions of churchgoers who feel like voting non-episcopally on red button issues. Show him a purple card for talking with tongue-in-cheek.

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