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Morality play September 17, 2016

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William Reville writing in the Irish Times asks ‘could a chimpanzee be guilty of murder?’. Why? Because, according to him:

Our closest animal relatives are the great apes – chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas – and we expect that their inner lives more closely resemble our own inner lives than do more distantly related animals. For example, 95 per cent of human DNA is identical to chimpanzee DNA, meaning we are as closely related to chimps as the horse is to the zebra.

For example – eh? 95% – eh? So close. And yet…a warning bell went off in my mind reading that. Because… well…because…

A cat shares 90% of our genes, or vice versa. Yep, 5% less than the potentially moral chimp. A cow is at 80%. A mouse at 75%.

Even a fruit fly is at all of 60%. That’s right. You me and the fruit fly share 60% of our genes. Same with chickens. Same with…er… banana’s.

Maybe it’s me but I don’t think that shared levels of DNA actually count for that much.


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