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What on earth do they mean in this piece in the IT on the Independent Alliance? September 17, 2016

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From the Irish Times today… odd enough that they call the IA a ‘party’. But this… subeditors, what pray tell does this mean?

“Oxymoron Sean Caney, Shane Ross, myself were totally behind him in pushing these issues.”


1. dublinstreams - September 17, 2016

Kevin Boxer Moran and a terrible case of autocorrect, and you can listen to the audio that Irish Times fails to link to http://podcast.rasset.ie/podcasts/audio/2016/0917/20160917_rteradio1-saturdaywithclairebyrne-thegovernm_c21055322_21055323_232_.mp3


WorldbyStorm - September 17, 2016

And they get Sean Canney’s name spelt wrong! Thanks for link ds.


2. trevor - September 17, 2016

I’d suggest a Irish Times stupid statement thread but paywall. Diarmaid Ferriter on water tax protests “the plebs are, fuck them we need a civic focused politics”.



dublinstreams - September 17, 2016

he seems to be mostly criticsing FF and mentioning leo Varadkar, DF would love to see child poverty with water cut off


WorldbyStorm - September 17, 2016

I saw that Ferriter piece. Another who goes down the ‘means test them’ line, at least implicitly. Very poor on his part.


Ed - September 17, 2016

Mendacious, maudlin cant from Ferriter. Before the movement kicked off in earnest in autumn 2014, absolutely nobody in the respectable mainstream was talking about child poverty as an urgent political concern that had to be addressed. The debate was all about whether the government should go ahead with the planned cuts in public spending to pay off more debt or moderate them very slightly; there was also talk of cutting the top rate of income tax (presented by the IT as relief for the ‘squeezed middle’).

The idea that water charges have squeezed issues like child poverty off the agenda is a miserable fabrication. Journalists only started talking about those issues in the wake of the election because they desperately wanted to avoid a victory for popular mobilization against austerity and suddenly pretended to care about the health service. For people like Ferriter, it seems a ‘civic-minded Irish Republic’ is to be built exclusively by writing articles for the Irish Times, not by mobilizing tens of thousands of people, giving them a sense of their own power and turning them into, well, citizens.

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CMK - September 17, 2016

+1 Ferriter is working his way up the establishment, paying his dues, that house on Howth head surely can’t be more than a decade away…..

What is ‘shameless’ about this piece is his refusal to engage with any of the arguments put forward by the broad anti water tax movement. Surely a Professor would take it as a point of professional pride to demolish the puny intellectual basis of this movement? Instead, he goes sub-Sindo and all he left out was a call to bring back hanging. Added to that, for a historian of the 1970s the whole tax marches, and why the they happened and what they might have meant, seems to have passed him by. He’s assured a steady income pumping this rubbish out but his reputation as a historian will diminish with each of these articles. I don’t know where I read it but is it still the case that Ferriter still hasn’t published an article in a reputable international history journal?


WorldbyStorm - September 18, 2016

+1. Genuinely terrible stuff from Ferriter.


Ed - September 18, 2016

That was something John Regan said in response to a scathing review of one of his books by Ferriter. Not sure if it’s true or not.


CMK - September 18, 2016

Bingo, that’s it; I think it was in ‘History Ireland’ several years ago. Give me Regan over Ferriter any day. The former’s ‘The Irish Counter Revolution’ was a great read. Conversely, I gave up Ferriter’s ‘The Transformation of Ireland’ halfway through, life’s too short……


WorldbyStorm - September 18, 2016

Love that book by Regan CMK too, one of my favourites and while Regan is no radical he is good analysis wise


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