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Another week, another line on water charges from FF September 21, 2016

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For fairly hot on the heels that FF had joined the abolition camp it appears…they haven’t…

Fianna Fáil is not ruling out supporting the reintroduction of domestic water charges, senior party sources have confirmed.
The party, which has been accused of several U-turns in this area, says its submission to the expert commission should not be seen as setting out a permanent position.
According to senior Fianna Fáil sources, the question of charging for water may be revisited after a substantial upgrade of the water infrastructure.

Dear oh dear…


1. irishelectionliterature - September 21, 2016

Looks like their policy has never changed


2. botheredbarney - September 21, 2016

They are playing for time and votes, then, when their Dail presence is stronger, they will revert to the base line that our EU membership compels Ireland to have water charges.


3. Joe - September 21, 2016

Waterford Whispers has the best line on FF’s approach: “FF calls for reversal of cuts it caused and implemented”.
Sad thing is it doesn’t matter what ‘policies’ or anything else FF comes out with over the next year or so, they will end up the largest party at the next election and will lead the next government. All they have to do is sit in the long grass and wait.


4. dublinstreams - September 22, 2016

it would help if we could read the submission ittself, rather then have the IT’s interpretation of it


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