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An EU ‘steal’? September 22, 2016

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Terribly inapposite headline on this piece in the Observer this weekend about how:

EU countries in scramble to ‘steal’ UK-based research centres

Clearly there’s a dearth of understanding about how and in what ways a vote to leave the European Union would impact on EU flagship projects sited in the UK. What’s remarkable is how many such projects and agencies were headquartered in the UK. They sure complained a lot, the Tories et al, but they weren’t unhappy to have practical manifestations of the union on their territory. Anyhow, all changed now. One former UK Minister made a sensible point about the current chaos:

Lamb, a minister until last year, said that the development would be a “hammer blow” for British jobs and research. “While the divided Tory government struggles to find a workable plan for Brexit, other European countries are already fighting over the spoils,” he said. “Britain’s thriving pharmaceutical industry would be dealt a hammer blow through the loss of the European medicines agency, which is crucial for attracting foreign investment. Theresa May must clarify how she will secure vital economic interests and give the British people a say over the final Brexit deal.”

I know I’m always expressing amazement at just how inept this bunch of Tories and Brexiters are, to point of tedium, but then another example comes along and another and another and …


1. Ed - September 22, 2016

Have a look at this for more evidence of your last sentence:


The lack of self-awareness is breathtaking; SNP MSPs predictably had a field day in response. And I know it’s also getting a bit tedious repeating the point that Labour’s anti-Corbyn brigade have let the Tories off the hook over this stuff with their leadership heave, but Jesus … can you imagine how much hay could have been made by a reasonably united opposition party over the last couple of months, driving home the point at every opportunity that these guys are completely inept and haven’t a clue what they’re going to do about a situation they created all by themselves?

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2. sonofstan - September 22, 2016

You’re talking about a country that venerates a man who put a telescope to his blind eye.


3. FergusD - September 23, 2016

Rather poor documentary on BBC last night about the Leave campaign. It claimed it cover the Tory split, but covered mostly Farage while complaining that the media were obsessed with him (Doh!). Also a lot from Gisela Stuart the LP MP in the Leave campaign. How come she attracted NO approbrium from the Blairites while Corbyn, who stumped up and down the country was blamed for Brexit (yet 63% of LP votres chose Remain). Incredible hypocrisy.

Anyway – more to the point -several Tory grandess made the point, Boris didn’t want the referendum to go Brexit, he wanted a narrow defeat, a wounded Cameron and him as PM. But we know that anyway. Soames was scathing of the Brexiteers in that they don’t know what they heck they are doing. It truly is remarkable. It makes me wonder if there IS a sentient ruling class! Why don’t they enforce their view on the Tories? Maybe there is no capitalist concensus? Maybe they don’t know what to do? Maybe they were sure Remain would win? Makes you think there is something to the cock-up theory of history!


4. FergusD - September 23, 2016

On the Research question. The UK hosts a lot of scientific research and punches way above it’s weight in that area. Something to be proud of, not the other s**t we hear from the petty nationalists. EU scientists would not like to loose ready access to UK expertise and the oportunity to work here. My department has many from the EU, some training, some with permanent posts. THis could be a big problem for European research in the UK and the EU. A lot of anxiety about it in the UK universities. The UK gets much more out of the EU research fund than it puts in.

However, a sensible UK govt would negotiate membership of various research collaboration schemes, as some non-EU countries do, I don’t think all of them are EU anyway (EMBO anyone?). But is this a sensible govt? Is it in such a mess it might not do it?

Of course EU countries will be eyeing up various EU funded institutes in the UK, anybody know what they are?


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