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SBP/REDC Poll September 24, 2016

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FF – 27% [-2%]FG – 25% [-1%]SF – 15% [+2%]LP – 7% [+1%]INDS – 10% [+3%]AAA-PBP – 6% [+1%]IND ALLIANCE 4% [-1%]SDS – 4% [NC]GP – 2% [-2%]

A lot of that is movement within the margin of error, but tentatively we can see firming of support for SF and unaligned Independents.

SF, non-aligned Independents and SDs will be pleased. AAA-PBP equally so. GP might be scratching their heads. And FF and FG? As with last week’s poll they won’t be running to the country on this one either.

Their big concern must be what is the situation if there is no upward tick in their polling numbers. For if getting a government up and running in the 32nd Dáil was difficult it looks like the same task in the 33rd may – if these figures remain in or around where they currently are, no easier. A lot of road yet to travel and one could presume that the more we see polls like these two recent ones the more likely this government is to survive past the immediate.


1. Jolly Red Giant - September 24, 2016

My daughter was polled by Red C during the week. When they asked for her voting intentions they listed FF, FG, LP, GP and others. She said AAA-PBP and the response was ‘okay others so’.


Ivorthorne - September 24, 2016

I’ve had the same experience in the past. I would have assumed they’d changed their practices given the current composition of the Dail.


Tawdy - September 24, 2016

The response needs to be shaped to the thinking and not to the actual.


2. gendjinn - September 26, 2016

FF & FG have traded government back and forth for decades. They’ll do the same with minority governments when they have to.

Brexit could be a wildcard but one of the parties will have to match the SNP’s calibre of response to benefit. So far none seem to be.


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