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What you want to say – 28th September 2016 September 28, 2016

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. irishelectionliterature - September 28, 2016

I see a number of SF Councillors (Mark Lynch, Ide Cussen) in Kildare voted against a motion to repeal the 8th. Party policy is in favour of repealing the 8th.


Starkadder - September 29, 2016

Interesting insight into the mind of an Irish anti-abortion activist in today’s “Irish Examiner”:

“deadly moral ulcer of abortion is once again to be opened to the whims and opinions of the crowd…. The holding of a referendum on the deliberate killing of a human being from conception to natural death, innocent of any wrongdoing as is the unborn child, is itself a capital crime on the part of the Government, holding it. …Fr Jose Maniyangat who was killed in an accident on the way to say Mass at a mission in north Kerala on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 14, 1985, and whose soul was out of his body for some time during which he was taken to see hell, the first sin he mentions as convicting those dammed, is abortion.


Note that the writer does not call for the arrest of over 3400 Irish “Murderers” who travelled to the UK for abortions last year:



Starkadder - September 29, 2016

The “Father Jose Maniyangat” mentioned,is an Indian Catholic priest who claims to have briefly died and seen visions of the afterlife in 1985. This article notes that although Fr. Maniyangat is “in good standing” with his Diocese, neither the Diocese nor any other Catholic authorities have endorsed his claims of seeing the afterlife.


A Google search reveals Fr. Maniyangat’s claims are very popular in the “Catholic Charismatic Renewal” movement. They have similarity with images from Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. They also resemble other urban legends about Hell popular among religious conservatives:



2. RosencrantzisDead - September 28, 2016

I discovered recently that Murray Rothbard regarded medieval Ireland (6th c. CE to 17th c. CE) as a paradigmatic example of what his libertarian fantasy paradise would look like. He tells us that this period of history has been largely ignored, which seems rather helpful to him.

A rather trivial fact, but one that amused me nevertheless.

Were other people aware of this?


3. roddy - September 29, 2016

Adams to sue BBC spotlight.Contrary to what many claim,the BBC will have to prove their totally false allegations to be true.The onus will be on them,not Adams and they will be exposed for the liars that they are.


4. Bartholomew - September 30, 2016

A very short reminiscence of Tony Gregory as a teacher, by Aonghus Ó Snodaigh – it starts at 21 mins 50 secs in a ‘Miriam Meets’ radio programme:



5. FergusD - September 30, 2016

From the BBC WWW site, an article about UK universities response to Brexit:

“The Guardian quotes one vice-chancellor as saying that institutions were “window shopping” for the EU countries with the most co-operative regulatory regimes.

Germany, Finland, the Republic of Ireland and the Baltic states are said to be emerging as the preferred options of some universities.”

But maybe Irish universities themselves will become more popular with students from (the rest of) the EU?


6. CL - October 1, 2016

” although from time to time Adams makes a technical complaint to a press complaints body, he will not be suing Spotlight any day soon.”-Ruth Dudley Edwards

“No, he’s not going to sue.”-Ed Moloney

“Adams confirmed to TheJournal.ie this lunchtime that he will be taking legal action against the UK broadcaster over contentions made in the programme.”


7. ar scáth a chéile - October 1, 2016

Okay someone’s got to call it. Mayo to make history …..as the greatest team not to win an all-Ireland.


Joe - October 1, 2016

I thought Mayo would do it. But Dublin just about deserved it. Not a classic by any means but incredible effort and commitment from all on the field.


WorldbyStorm - October 2, 2016

+1 good game.


ar scáth a chéile - October 2, 2016

Hard on Mayo but Dubs simply had to win in centenary of our rising . Now for three in a row.

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8. botheredbarney - October 1, 2016

Can artificial intelligence machines write pop music? Here’s an AI creation of a Beatles song. The guitar beat sounds similar to a Beatles backing, but the vocals certainly not.



WorldbyStorm - October 1, 2016

Strange one. Very Beach Boys.


9. ar scáth a chéile - October 2, 2016

Stephen Collins gives a good old swipe of the airbrush in Saturday’s IT. The diminution or outright omission of the banks’ role in the crash has settled in nicely in media narratives. Uncle Joe would blush.

“It should never be forgotten that the fundamental reason for the imposition of austerity measures in 2009 and the years that followed was because public spending vastly exceeded the revenue the State was able to generate through taxation.”



sonofstan - October 2, 2016

It’s like history written by that AI machine above isn’t it?


10. 6to5against - October 4, 2016

This how RTE phrased their late debate promo on twitter for this evening:

‘On @latedebateRTE, we’re asking if Government surrenders to union muscle, will it hurt us all’

Sometimes I think the left can be a bit paranoid about RTE and their perceived bias. And then sometimes RTE make their bias pretty bloody clear…..


WorldbyStorm - October 4, 2016

Yep. A depressingly good example.


Dr.Nightdub - October 5, 2016

To which the answer is “Not as much as hospital consultants’ muscle, backed up with a little friendly legal support.” I’d like to think every union in the country is scheming ways they could inflict €700m worth of pain on the government.

As an aside, am I alone in starting to calculate all this stuff in terms of fractions of the Apple tax bill e.g. what Apple owe us would cover 20 hospital consultants’ claims? Or 25 Landsdowne Road Agreements? Or the entire homelessness crisis and still have €3bn change left over?


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