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Change, what change? October 2, 2016

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Some might wonder on the announcement of the ‘Great Repeal’ by the UK… which will…

transpose all EU law applying to the UK into domestic law, ready for the day the country leaves the union.


1. sonofstan - October 2, 2016

Mock all you like; this is a Magna Carta moment #takebackcontrol

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2. CL - October 2, 2016

“Although this new legal step would not come into effect until Britain actually left the bloc, it would transfer European legislation — including laws to protect labor rights — into British law. Parliament would then be able to decide at a later point which laws to keep.”

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Gewerkschaftler - October 2, 2016

What I particularly liked for sheer Big Lie chutzpah was the statement by a right-wing Tory that employment law would not be effected.

Yea right. This rewriting of labour, human rights and environmental law will be like a shopping list of easy goals to the Tory party owners/backers.

Which is only to be welcomed if you subscribe to variations on the ‘the worse, the better’ idiocy.


3. Gewerkschaftler - October 2, 2016

The timing is awful You do wonder what May’s advisors think they’re doing.

Assuming there is no brake put on by the Little British Supreme Court, or no ratification in their Parliament, then they can expect absolutely nothing but a hard line until after the German elections at the end of 2017, because anything less would encourage the AfD & Front National.

I assume the SNP will be looking to time an independence referendum sometime after the negotiations look pretty dreadful for LB – say middle of 2018.

And within a few years we’ll be showing our passport between Blacklion and Belcoo.


4. Gewerkschaftler - October 2, 2016

Furthermore no one in their right mind will make any investment decisions in Little Britain before the dust settles. That would be five years? A decade?

I hope the RoI passport office is prepared for 1m+ new citizenship applications.

Has anyone got the recent figures for applications?


Gewerkschaftler - October 2, 2016

Here you go.

Fair play to the Passport Office for publishing reasonably up-to-date figures.

London applications up 100% year on year in August. Would anyone care to hazard a guess on the likely figures for the last few months of this year? Or next year?

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5. benmadigan - October 3, 2016

The great repeal “would transfer European legislation — including laws to protect labor rights — into British law”
In other words – the UK is legally out of the EU but technically still ‘compliant’ with its laws. Therefore in Tory thinking, the UK is entitled to a trade deal with the EU and its single market.



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