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Meanwhile in Spain – as others see gang violence October 3, 2016

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Jason O’Toole has an intriguing interviewer in the current edition of Hot Press with a ‘senior officer of the Civil Guard’. It concerns the feud between Irish gangs which has been played out, to murderous effect, in Dublin and in the south of Spain. But O’Toole relates that:


The Civil Guards haven’t, according to my source, been playing a blind bit of notice to what, certainly rom an Irish perspective, is an all-out gang war.

O’Toole notes that in Spain the Civil Guards police towns with populations of less than 60,000 while the Policia Nacional police the larger cities and areas. According to O’Toole’s confidante the CG have no particular interest in what is happening- none of the protagonists are on watch lists, and they have ‘no reason to be investigating them’. A PN source confirms that the ‘narcos’ ‘do no feel much pressure’. And intriguingly what investigations there have been point to an involvement by gangs in ‘legitimate businesses’ like ‘property’. Add to that that the Chief Prosecutor for the Marbella area, Julio Martinez announced that charges for ‘money laundering’ were ‘imminent’, quite some time back, rather than trafficking or other offences, and it appears that the heat is dissipating.

Granted there are joint Garda/Spanish police operations in train, but those interviewed appear sceptical about their effectivity. Interesting to compare and contrast this with some of the media coverage in Ireland.


1. dublinstreams - October 3, 2016

did he write this before recent arrests?

thought it was interesting to note the difference between criminal assets rules, afaik they have to wait for a conviction before taking money off them in Spain, and these things always take a long time.


2. Gewerkschaftler - October 4, 2016

Meanwhile on the quiet the bought-and-paid-for PP are quietly looking to pump another 25 Billion into a couple of their numerous bankrupt banks. Via merger smoke and mirrors.


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