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CLR Book Club – Week 6 October 4, 2016

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Okay, who’s reading the book, how are they finding it? A glum report from Joe last week. What do others think? 


1. Gewerkschaftler - October 4, 2016

MIne still hasn’t arrived! – bought it from an online second-hand place in LB – perhaps not the best decision.

As soon as it does I’ll give Interlude 1 a go.


2. yourcousin - October 4, 2016

Same here, on order.


3. ar scáth a chéile - October 6, 2016

Hoping to get stuck into this week end


4. Gewerkschaftler - October 8, 2016

“The Book” has arrived after taking more than a few coffee breaks to wend it’s way through the Royal Mail and Deutsche Post!

First impressions of about 20 pages are that it’s a rollicking read in Titley’s English, and deserves it’s reputation.

I’m glad I chose this translation. As Titley explains in the forward he decided not to use an “Anglo-Irish Synge-like gobbledegook.” Because:

.. it makes Irish speakers sound like peasants and idiots and simpletons and clodhoppers…

I’d quote him more but bastard Amazon and bastard Google Books won’t let me copy and paste the introduction – he also makes the point that so-called Hiberno-English is now effectively dead and the English that Irish people speak is tending towards and international norm.

What, or where, by the way, is the ‘Fancy City’? I assume Galway. Am I right?


Gewerkschaftler - October 8, 2016



Gewerkschaftler - October 8, 2016

It’s difficult at times to make out who’s speaking and I find my self flipping back to the Dramatis Personae at the front, but this doesn’t that much in the weave of the whole thing. I was thinking it would make a great audio book for an ensemble of actors with different voices merging into one another, to give one a clue.


Gewerkschaftler - October 8, 2016

matter that much


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