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Speaking of borders hard and soft… October 4, 2016

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This caught my eye this morning:

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson was yesterday critical of Mr Kenny’s unilateral suggestion of a forum last summer, ascribing it to “domestic political reasons”.

The domestic political reasons line seems somewhat unfair given the significance of the processes unfolding around us. But note this:

However, he stressed the administrations in Dublin, London and Stormont were “working in a common cause” in seeking a special status for Ireland in the post-Brexit world.

And how is this for a remarkable, and somewhat self-serving reading of what is taking place – as well as functionally being positioned on the same side as the Taoiseach et al…

“What we’re really looking for is a special deal for the island of Ireland which enables free movement of goods and people on the island, and preserves the institutions we’ve created under the various agreements,” Mr Donaldson said. “The people we’ll need to convince are the EU.”

The EU eh? Really? They’re part of the equation but it is the ‘integrity’ of the UK that is the issue here and the status of Northern Ireland, oh and the small matter of the GFA being trashed in one of of its aspects and by no means an unimportant one… Telling too what Flanagan has said… though perhaps he doesn’t mean it to scan quite as it does:

“The Good Friday Agreement is a document that is going to have to be on the table at the negotiations,” he said.

Again, though, as was noted last night, this is a British government that appears uniquely indifferent to such matters. Collateral damage is unimportant it would appear. Business as usual in relation to Ireland so.


1. Gewerkschaftler - October 4, 2016

The DUP is certainly in an interesting place regarding Brexit.

And the indifference of the British government to what happens in Ireland is reflected by many of the pro-Brexit left. Who seem to have gone strangely quiet.


2. gendjinn - October 4, 2016

The entire Tory response is based on a fantasy that the UK is so important that the EU will have to make an exception for them. The recent statements by May and the last two paragraphs are irreconcilable.

It is a fascinating power dynamic:
EU won’t bend on the 4 freedoms.
London can’t allow a Brexit that impacts the financial sector.
London nominally owns the Tories.
Tories don’t trigger Article 50 lose heavily in the next GE.

Which one of those cracks first?


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