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SOCIALIST VOICE October 6, 2016

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The Dublin bus dispute: Defending workers’ rights
By a Dublin Bus worker

Over the course of September, Dublin Bus workers carried out six days of strike action, and had planned a further eleven days in October. 
     Towards the end of September, after three full days and one thirty-hour continuous negotiation, the five trade unions representing all seven grades of workers managed to secure an offer of an 11¼ per cent pay increase. This is a significant achievement for the workers and their unions, 

The coming of the new left:    Tommy McKearney
Fianna Fáil continues to support the Fine Gael-led coalition in spite of having done a U-turn on water charges. 
     Its move against Uisce Éireann was more than simple opportunism. On the one hand it certainly did indicate a party preparing for the next general election by endeavouring to clear as many obstacles from its path as possible. Equally so—and this is important—Fianna Fáil populists 

The water struggle: part of a bigger strategy  Eoghan O’Neill

As the debate over Irish Water enters a new phase, and with a renewed attempt to mobilise large sections of the water warriors, which saw tens of thousands of people hitting Dublin’s streets in mid-September, now is the time to take stock of the wider political and economic context of it all, before lashing headlong into a string of marches that brings us closer to defeat and demoralisation, rather than towards unity and victory. 
     Without critically analysing how we got to where we are, how will we know where we have to go? 

Biting into a rotten Apple:  Eoghan M. Ó Néill

There has been a bit of an outcry over the EU’s decision to rule against the Government’s sweetheart deal with Apple, which if upheld will mean Apple paying €13 billion, with interest, into the Irish exchequer. 
     The greatest portion of this was generated by super-exploited labour in the global south and rightfully belongs to them. 

Robots and us:  Deirdre Uí Bhrógáin

Do you know those lovely, amusing robots that are trotted out on talk shows and science programmes to elicit our wonder and awe? Well, behind all the cosy fun and the evident awe of the presenters lies a devastating threat to the future of working people on the planet. 
     It’s not that socialists are against the development of robots and automated services that can save us from back-breaking, tedious and repetitious work; but what happens to the people they replace? And who owns these robots? 

The civil rights issue of our time: Internment:    Graham Harrington

Patrick Pearse opened his essay “The Murder Machine” with the following words: “A French writer has paid the English a very well-deserved compliment. He says that they never commit a useless crime. When they hire a man to assassinate an Irish patriot, when they blow a Sepoy from the mouth of a cannon, when they produce a famine in one of their dependencies, they have always an ulterior motive . 

Ligimid ár scíth:   Gabriel Rosenstock

A tanka (five-line poem) in Irish and English by Gabriel Rosenstock in response to a painting by Anna Ancher.

Weaponising trade: Eoghan M. Ó Néill

Trade, we are told, is the antidote to war; and “free trade” will prevent wars and allow for civilised human interaction between states. 
     Or so goes the myth. But the history of trade has not been one of civilised human interaction and exchange, as we have been led to believe. Rather than being free, trade has a history of violence and threats. 

CETA to be rushed through EU summit
The meeting of EU trade ministers on 23 September

Images of greed and sin:   Jenny Farrell

Hieronymus Bosch, the famous Dutch Renaissance painter, died five hundred years ago this year. His date of birth is presumed to be about the year 1450.     He was born into a family of painters called van Aken, after the German town of Aachen.


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