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You could not make it up. October 7, 2016

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Leading foreign academics from the LSE acting as expert advisers to the UK government were told they would not be asked to contribute to government work and analysis on Brexit because they are not British nationals.

The news was met with outrage by many academics, while legal experts questioned whether it could be legal under anti-discrimination laws and senior politicians criticised it as bewildering.


1. sonofstan - October 7, 2016

being suggested in the Guardian thread on this that the FCO are about to deny the story and that it was a ‘misunderstanding’ based on a phone call. So they deny it, but still tip the wink to the quitwits


WorldbyStorm - October 7, 2016

Christ. Sickening cynicism at work there.


2. sonofstan - October 7, 2016
WorldbyStorm - October 7, 2016

That too is sickening.


3. Joe - October 7, 2016

The British Public School Brains Trust will be quite sufficient for planning the best possible Brexit for Brittannia, thank you very much.
Monty Python could do a great sketch for it: Brexit brought to you by the Upper Class Twits Brains Trust.


4. sonofstan - October 7, 2016

I can’t see the FA trusting Wenger with the FA job now. The hour calls for someone reliably thick and English. what abotu Big Sa…..oh…


sonofstan - October 7, 2016

the ‘England job’ obv…

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5. FergusD - October 8, 2016

Can there really be this level of xenophobia at high levels of govt and civil service? I thought it was just for the proles.


Gewerkschaftler - October 8, 2016

Hm. Probably it’s for the masses.

I imagine there’s plenty of advancement opportunities for civil servants at this point who put them selves about as Brexit true believers and can produce xenophobe-pleasing policies.


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