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A Logic named Joe October 8, 2016

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Have I mentioned this before, a story by Murray Leinster, all the way from 1946 which almost, almost, gets artificial intelligence, home computers, the internet, right. And certainly, in its more…erm… scathing aspects seems to lock into just how much some matters might monopolise people’s usage of same.

I always liked Murray Leinster and a few years ago went on a reread of his stuff. My particular favourite – and I have to admit he was never the greatest writer, but entertaining nonetheless, was Operation: Outer Space. The name alone – eh?



1. Dermot O Connor - October 8, 2016

I think the gold medal for futurism has to go to E.M Forster, for ‘The Machine Stops’ (1909).

It doesn’t only predict the internet, it predicts the effect that the internet would have on humans – physical and mental. Culture becoming increasingly self-referential and derivative, and end to any originality. A ruined planet above, land-whales in their atomised pods below ground, being fed by The Machine.

It’s touching that his future shlubs are an intellectual lot, but no doubt The Machine also has its fair share of inane entertainment.

Here’s a post I wrote about it:



WorldbyStorm - October 8, 2016

Fantastic stuff Dermot. It’s striking what you’ve picked out, the line about irritation in particular. Did you know Hawkwind released a concept album in the last twelve months based on The Machine Stops?


Gewerkschaftler - October 9, 2016

Fascinating – I didn’t know about that book. Forster was an interesting cove.

However I’m wary of nostalgia and attempts to turn the clock back.

Firstly because they often come with authoritarian regionalist, identitarian or nationalist politics. Secondly, because I can remember having to cycle 15 miles to find the only available public library with a significant number of books.

Now my children have, for instance, Wikipedia – which one has to read critically of course – especially in the areas of history and politics, but at least they have the option. That, I cautiously assert, is progress.

I’d also assert tentatively that most culture was always ‘self-referential and derivative’ and the ‘orginality’ (at least as a value-laden concept) is a recent invention.

So ninety-nine percent of what’s on the interweb is crap and a distraction, but hey, what’s new there?


WorldbyStorm - October 9, 2016

Sturgeon’s Law, as correct today as it was when he coined it.



gendjinn - October 9, 2016

The unstated corollary being that that 90% of the remaining stuff is utterly atrocious crap 🙂


WorldbyStorm - October 9, 2016

Yeah, there is that.


gendjinn - October 9, 2016


actually, the fact we accomplish anything at all as individuals increasingly astonishes me. Especially in the cultural, social, artistic arenas. I’m coming to the conclusion that the only way humans can healthily interpret reality is through the shared, contrasting, conflicting perspectives of the tribe. To try to do so as individuals, shattered into disjoint pieces would explain the Freudian belief that the pinnacle of mental health in Western society is constrained to being only mildly neurotic.

It’s how we spent millions of years before agriculture and the industrial revolution destroyed us.


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